Customer Data Enrichment

Gain valuable information and create deeply personalized experiences on the website with a holistic database and a 360-degree view of the customer by enriching your customer and user data. The simple integration and associated enhancement of existing behavioral and purchase data enables you to target your customers even more precisely. It is also possible to transfer data records to connected interfaces for their data enrichment.

Onsite Data Sources

Onsite Data Sources

trbo collects over 50 visitor characteristics - in real time and fully automated. These include e.g. geodata, data on devices used as well as the individual surfing behavior. Using AI, this data can then be leveraged to improve the browsing and shopping experience on your website.

Data Interfaces To trbo

Enrich your onsite data with further transaction and customer data, predict customer behavior and create comprehensive customer profiles. External data sources such as Customer Data Platforms (CDPs), BI solutions and other systems can be easily connected to trbo.

Data Interfaces To trbo
External Data Interfaces

External Data Interfaces

trbo operates with open, bi-directional interfaces. This allows onsite data to be passed on to external systems such as email service providers, CDPs or analytics providers, where it can be used to create special audiences or segments and use these to address users - across channels & personalized.

Data Enrichment For Personalization

The more data you have, the more comprehensive the view of the user. And the better we know our users, the better we can create inspiring personalized experiences. With trbo, data can be harnessed, enriched, and merged across all channels resulting in a 360-degree view of your customers.

Data Enrichment For Personalization

Customer Data Enrichment: The Technical Basis

Machine Learning
External Data Sources
Big Data

A prerequisite for the enrichment and further use of user data is a leading ID in all systems with which the individual user can be identified. The data is collected or exported via data push or CSV file.

Enriching data for a personalized approach

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