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Provide your customers with highly relevant suggestions, search and category experiences and drive conversions.


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Faster Integration
and up to 66% cost savings


Privacy-First AI

Discover seamless suggest, search and category optimization to boost sales KPIs

Streamline user experiences, enhance navigation and boost engagement effortlessly. Unlock the power of the proprietary vector relevance calculation for customer-centric AI search results and category pages.

Recharge your onsite search

Use the power of AI-based search to present users exactly what they are looking for.

Suggest the right options…

…before your users even know them.
Be one step ahead of your customers search journey with relevant typeahead suggestions.


Optimize your category lists

Every usage of a category page is an “onsite search” with preset attributes or filters. Optimize the user experience with cohesive product lists across the entire store.

Personalize the search experience

Avoid user frustration and save time by removing unnecessary filter options.


No-code drag & drop merchandising

Maximize product management efficiency with the intuitive drag & drop editor.

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trbo plays well with others

Our tool plugs right into any existing applications you use, leveraging external data to make trbo even more powerful.

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Schick uns eine Nachricht und einer unserer trbo Experten wird sich bei dir melden. Wir freuen uns darauf, von dir zu hören!