A seamless journey for your guest — from your website, to their dream destination

Booking a trip comes with a lot of moving parts. Your guests are looking for good prices on hotels and flights that fit their schedule. The last thing you want is for them to struggle finding those deals on your website. That’s where trbo comes in.


Just how powerful can trbo be?

See an example of how a travel company can become the one-stop-shop for everyone’s dream destination.


The goal: Increase revenue by helping your customers nail down their entire travel itinerary

Let’s say you’re a travel brand wanting to be the source of your customers’ treasured memories (and tan lines) by being their one-stop-shop for vacation bookings. You want audiences— both new and existing— to grow so accustomed to the painless experience you provide that they almost forget how much they dread the airport.


Target the right person

Everyone has preferences for how and where they want to travel. While some flee to the mountains, others rush to stick their toes in the sand. For all the dream destinations and experiences you offer, it’s crucial that your audience segments are fine-tuned to match customers with offers that feel hand-picked for them. 

Feature Spotlight

Behavior-Based Segmentation

Two adult passengers and two minors with priority boarding? Sounds like a family. Serve this segment family-friendly lodging and experiences for a better chance to convert.

Interest-Based Segmentation

What would absolutely delight a single traveller booking a first class flight to Miami beach? A highrise resort with happy hour cocktails might do the trick.

Create interest-based segments to offer these no-brainer recommendations.


Serve the right message

From the family of six, to the thrifty university students, to the solo adventurer, you’ve identified key audience segments to offer different recommendations that will flesh out their trip itinerary.

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A thrifty university student will be looking for the best deal. Show them they don't have to sacrifice quality experiences by pre-selecting their home airport and dynamically delivering bundle deals no matter their destination.

To start off your customers’ trip on the right foot, use trbo’s geographical data to instantly and automatically pre-select the nearest airports, experiences, car rentals, or stays.

Dynamic Product Recommendations

When kids are out of school, hotels at the popular theme park are full with families. If the family of six’s go-to hotel chain is booked, recommend alternative lodgings so the whole family can rest easy.

Salvage your customers’ plans with dynamic product recommendations embedded on your website with other relevant – and maybe even better – stay offerings that are just a click away!


Show up at the right time

You’ve defined which content should be served to different audiences. Now, it’s all about timing. Booking a trip is a huge commitment with many moving parts. Nailing the timing of when you serve a particular message could make all the difference for conversions.

Feature Spotlight

social proof travel
Social Proof

Deep down, your customer wants nothing more than to be catching rays and making sand castles, but they haven’t committed to their decision yet.

Display the limited seat availability remaining on that last flight to their tropical paradise to create the extra nudge they need to turn their vacation fantasy into more than just a daydream.

A/B Testing

Maybe your customers will be more incentivized to book lodging while they're choosing flights. Or perhaps, seeing this recommendation just as they make it to their cart will get them to add-on to their travel package.

Leverage A/B testing to find out exactly when your customers should be seeing additional recommendations.


Launch your campaign

While you work on your other tasks, rest assured trbo is working hard for you to deliver insights for your business. In the background, data is being sent to an easy-to-use dashboard, a self-learning algorithm optimizes the users response, and your guests are receiving an excellent customer experience.

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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