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B2B customers in every industry expect a high-touch, simplified shopping experience with personalized content. Meet your customers where they’re at by creating an online experience that functions like a digital sales representative, offering an experience as seamless and personal as visiting a brick and mortar store while maintaining all the convenience of a digital world.


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Just how powerful can trbo be?

See an example of how a B2B business can become a trusted supplier to manufacturers for the long haul.


The goal: Increase lifetime value of customers— both new and returning

Let’s say you’re a major supplier to manufacturers. In the B2B space, it’s imperative that you find a way to convert as many users into long-term customers as possible. For the newbies, it’s important that you identify they’re new and engage them as quickly as possible to cultivate loyalty. For the experienced buyers, you want to emphasize the simplicity of re-ordering routine purchases exactly when they need them. No matter who is buying, you’re focused on getting them to keep coming back.


Target the right person

Among a horde of suppliers offering similar products and competitive pricing, you want to make your user’s experience so streamlined and simple, they’d never think to order their materials from anywhere else. 

Feature Spotlight

Dynamic Segmentation

Imagine a long-time buyer of plastics has recently begun ordering more eco-friendly materials from you. If their green initiatives are going to earn you more, you want to make sure they’re designated to an eco-conscious segment so you can deliver more relevant, interest-based content. With dynamic segmentation, trbo uses the most recent data to auto-update which lists your customers belong on.

Intelligent Targeting

Uh oh! The forecast for your customer’s headquarters is calling for extreme freeze next week, and their machinery doesn’t perform optimally under such conditions. With intelligent targeting that can pull geolocation and weather data, you can suggest the weather-defense and repair parts they’ll need before your customer has even thought to order them.


Serve the right message

The power of building connections and trust can never be understated in B2B sales. When your customers are constantly reordering the same items, working with the same account manager, or purchasing according to a contract you want them to know you understand and value their time, their circumstances, and their preferences.

Feature Spotlight

Personal Login Greetings

Account managers play a vital role in increasing the lifetime value of customers. Bolster those in-person efforts with personalized login greetings from the account manager your user is already familiar with.

Adaptive Navigation

As a big manufacturing supplier your audience needs to find spare parts but has no time to spare. Simplify your users’ experience with an adaptive navigation menu that displays or prioritizes only the most relevant categories for their needs.


Show up at the right time

In the B2B space, you’re managing accounts of different sizes, various re-order cadences, and often a variety of seasonal needs. So how do you curate your content to balance so many concurrent timelines? trbo has you covered.

Feature Spotlight

Targeted Content and Promotions

Schedule different tactics, pop-ups, and in-site messages that are automatically triggered at key points throughout your customer’s journey— from delivering a welcome offer when they first land on your site, to delivering a coupon for their next purchase after they’ve placed their most recent order.

Chatbots, Surveys, and Newsletters

With so many customers scattered across the globe, it’s difficult to stay in touch. Engage your audience quickly and easily with a customer service chatbot, a quick feedback survey, or invitation to join your newsletter.


Launch your campaign

While you work on your other tasks, rest assured trbo is working hard for you to deliver insights for your business. In the background, data is being sent to an easy-to-use dashboard, a self-learning algorithm optimizes the users response, and your guests are receiving an excellent customer experience.

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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