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Imagine the joy of finding the perfect shade of lipstick or the ideal skincare product among many choices in a cosmetics store. In today’s world of fierce competition, standing out is crucial. trbo helps you create a special beauty section for each customer, perfectly tailored to their individual needs.

Just how powerful can trbo be?

Explore enjoyable beauty shopping experiences for skincare enthusiasts and makeup artists while increasing profit.


The goal: Grow profits by helping customers choose all the beauty products they need

Creating the perfect beauty routine involves navigating a multitude of options. Your customers are on the hunt for skincare and makeup products that cater to their unique needs and preferences. The last thing you want is for them to feel overwhelmed or uncertain when exploring your beauty store, potentially resulting in a decrease in order value and revenue. Thant’s where trbo comes in.


Target the right person

Everyone has preferences, different needs, and unique beauty routines. Improving the shopping journey involves more than just offering products – it’s about understanding each customer’s preferences.

Feature Spotlight

Dynamic Segmentation

Use a price-conscious strategy by offering, for instance, discounts on popular skincare sets, showcasing budget-friendly makeup palettes, or providing price comparison features to help users find the best value products while browsing the site. 

For interest-based segmentation, cater to individual desires, like a customer seeking anti-aging solutions, by suggesting targeted serums or creams designed for aging effectively.


Popular skincare products aren't one-size-fits-all. Climate, alongside skin type, influences the ideal choices. For instance, in colder climates, rich, hydrating products are needed to combat dryness, while lighter formulations suit warmer regions to manage oiliness. By considering geography, tailored skincare recommendations ensure optimal results.


Serve the right message

From skincare products to beauty seekers, irrelevant pop-up messages won’t captivate everyone. Being left without guidance only adds to the frustration of makeup enthusiasts seeking advice, feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of products with no clear direction. 

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Personalized Messaging

Someone browsing for lipstick shouldn't receive messages about anti-aging products for younger customers, which can lead to frustration or even leaving the website.

Product Advisor

Engage your audience quickly and easily with a guided selling chatbot, providing real-time support with personalized product recommendations and saving hours of search and frustration - while making them feel valued and deeply connected to your brand.


Show up at the right time

You’ve made significant progress, now it’s crucial to ensure that your efforts translate into conversions. While everyone may visit your online store, not everyone will complete a purchase. Selecting quality beauty items can come with a heavy price tag, leading shoppers to take their time before committing. Fear not, by deploying strategic approaches, you can improve the customer experience and ultimately increase sales.

Feature Spotlight

Targeted Content and Promotions

Guide your customers at every step toward completing their purchase by offering personalized discounts and promotions.

You can offer a bundle deal where customers who purchase a "Contour Kit" along with a "Blending Sponge Set" receive a special discount, encouraging them to increase their order value.

Time-Sensitive Campaigns

Implement time-sensitive campaigns by pairing a special promotion with a product placement or ad in a trending makeup tutorial series.

For instance, offer an exclusive discount on a highlighted skincare set or makeup collection, promoting the buzz generated by the series to drive traffic and conversions within a limited timeframe.


Launch your campaign

While you work on your other tasks, rest assured trbo is working hard for you to deliver insights for your business. In the background, data is being sent to an easy-to-use dashboard, a self-learning algorithm optimizes the users response, and your guests are receiving an excellent customer experience.

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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