Experience dynamic product recommendations and personalized recommendations powered by AI technology. Tailored to individual profiles and context, trbo’s recommendation engine delivers personalized product suggestions that seamlessly optimize your up-selling and cross-selling strategies.

Use our recommendation tool to improve the performance of your online shop and boost customer satisfaction, increase sales, and maximize conversions.


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Recommendation Engine

The smart algorithm continuously optimizes the display of products in the background based on click and conversion rates. Previously created layout variants (e.g. in-page banner, exit intent or overlay) as well as different product logics or a different algorithm can be tested easily.

Personalized product recommendations via product logics

In order to be able to display recommendations precisely, product logics must be defined in the recommendation engine. For example, the “recommended products” logic only selects products that match the user’s search behavior. This logic is created by statistic twins and can thus be successfully applied according to a pattern and is often suitable for clearance sales of certain products.

Recommendations based on similarity

Online shoppers usually look at several products of the same category and compare them with each other. A recommendation engine can make a customer search much easier by suggesting similar products as product recommendations and displaying them. However, these types of product recommendations are rather static and do not apply to every offer.

“Customers also purchased…” –  recommendations

There is also the possibility to inspire users through the “Customers also bought…” recommendations. Here, the store visitor is shown additional items that other customers order in connection with the searched product. This type of product recommendation is particularly worthwhile for stores with a homogeneous product portfolio.

Manually assigned recommendations

Product recommendations by means of manual assignment are somewhat more (time-)consuming in order to motivate customers to make an impulse purchase by means of individual offers. On the basis of human perception, a decision is made as to what really fits together or could suitably complement the product searched for.

Recommendations based on statistic twins

Recommendations that relate to the customer journey are particularly individual. An intelligent algorithm decides on the appropriate product recommendation. Shoppers are clustered into groups and their buying behavior and shopping carts are analyzed. Based on this data, customer-specific suggestions are developed.

Recommendations in action!

Do it like Wentronic and increase increase conversion value by 58% and CTR by 222% with product recommendations.

trbo offers a variety of features for your personalization journey.

With our product trbo Personalize we can provide you with the exact solution to achieve your website goals.

trbo Personalize

Create the perfect user experience with the right content at the right time
  • AI Recommendations
  • Content Personalization
  • A/B/MV Testing
  • Dynamic Segmentation

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The technical base


The trbo onsite personalization helps you predict the interests of new and existing customers in real time. You’ll be able to display the right content at the right time in the best possible place, thanks to complex and self-optimizing algorithms. These analyze user data (e.g. traffic channel, purchase history, place of residence or local weather).

Dynamic segmentation enables targeted grouping of users by behavior, interests, and preferences. This makes it possible to test different content versions in a targeted way – and find out which approach works best.

Machine learning uses algorithms and data analytics to automatically identify user patterns and preferences to optimize the customer experience. With trbo, you can use this powerful tool to further refine your testing strategies.

By using Big Data in conjunction with trbo, you get the opportunity to tailor your testing strategies even more precisely to the individual needs of your users and thus sustainably improve their user experience.

The click-in channel is an important data collection related to dynamic segments, as specific content and offers can be developed there.

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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