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The Shopping Assistant is the perfect digital product advisor for your online store! Help your customers find the right products in just a few seconds and increase the conversion rate of your store.

Try the Shopping Assistant and create your first digital product advisor in just a few minutes!


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Interactive product advice via chatbot

The Shopping Assistant helps your customers find the perfect product with just a few questions. With single- or multi-choice questions, the chatbot takes on the role of a salesperson in brick-and-mortar retail. This way, your customers feel well taken care of and ideally advised. Step by step, the product range of the underlying recommendation engine can be narrowed down. Better than in brick-and-mortar retail!

Chatbot Kiehls

Inspiration & Branding

You want the Shopping Assistant to fit as seamlessly as possible into your webshop? No problem! You can easily adapt the module to your web design. Assign a name and an image for your chatbot avatar, integrate your logo and adjust the color scheme and font.

You can even set the chatbot to be integrated only on predefined pages or to open only after a certain scroll depth.

Matching product recommendations

As a result of the personalized conversation with the Shopping Assistant, your users always get the products recommended that are right for them. This can range from individual products to a complete product set, such as a beauty routine. This means your customers don’t have to search for each product individually, but can add everything to their shopping cart at once with just one click.

Extend the customer journey with lead generation

Why not use the Shopping Assistant to generate contact data and marketing opt-ins? For example, your customers can have the recommended products sent to them by e-mail after the consultation.

In the chatbot, contact information of your customers can be queried and directly qualified. The data is then sent to your CRM.

Perfect interplay with trbo

With the personalization solution trbo, the chatbot can be precisely targeted to customers who, for example, have already dealt with certain categories or products. In this way, you can meet your users right where they are in their customer journey. Thanks to the user data generated by the Shopping Assistant, trbo can create dynamic segments and personalize the store based on your users’ interests.

Do you already know our Product Advisor by trbo?

With the Product Advisor by trbo, you can inspire your users full-screen in the store as part of the product advice – whether mobile or desktop, the perfect user experience always in focus.

trbo offers a variety of features for your personalization journey.

With our product trbo Personalize we can provide you with the exact solution to achieve your website goals.

trbo Advise

Boost your sales and customer experience with our product advisor
  • Guided Selling
  • Personalized Product Advisor
  • Customer Insights
  • Lead Generation

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The technical basis

Shopping assistant

For the setup of the Shopping Assistant by trbo we need almost no technical resources – Plug & Play for a perfect user experience.

For the integration we need a tag manager – we do the rest. You already have trbo in place? Then we can also implement the Shopping Assistant by trbo directly through trbo.

To display the matching products based on the advice from the Shopping Assistant by trbo, we only need a product feed. It’s best if you simply provide us with a link to a current feed, and we’ll take care of the integration.

Your product feed contains only a limited number of attributes? No problem, we can also generate structured data from your product descriptions. With these, we can improve the advice even further.

Let's get personal

Start delivering memorable, 1:1 experiences that keep your customers coming back.

Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Schick uns eine Nachricht und einer unserer trbo Experten wird sich bei dir melden. Wir freuen uns darauf, von dir zu hören!