Product Advisor by trbo

With the Product Advisor by trbo, your customers will find the right product in your online store in just a few steps! The full-screen advisor is completely integrated into the store and offers optimal visual product advice as well as inspiration in theme worlds. Guided selling for your customers.

Test the Product Advisor by trbo and create your first digital product advisor in just a few minutes!


Of all visitors start a conversation

+5 min

time on your website


increase of the conversion rate

Visual Product Consultation

Visual product advice via Advisor

With the Product Advisor by trbo, you can advise your customers just like in brick-and-mortar retail, if not better, because it knows your entire product portfolio. The in-page advisor guides visitors step by step through the consultation process. Based on targeted questions, the Product Advisor recognizes the user’s interest and offers exactly the right product suggestions.

Custom design

The Product Advisor by trbo integrates seamlessly into your store: with the right design, it is completely integrated as if native, so that it offers a perfect customer experience.

Combination Advisor and Shopping Assistant

Taking guided selling one step further

The recommendations in the Product Advisor by trbo are optimally displayed so that your customers can immediately decide on the perfect product. Sorting and filtering functions allow customers to further refine their search.

Targeted combinations can enable cross-sells and upsells, so that an increase of up to 25% of the Average Order Value can be achieved.

If the user is still unsure, the Product Advisor by trbo can be combined with the Shopping Assistant by trbo, which helps with specific questions about the products.

Perfect interplay with trbo

With trbo, the results at the end of the process can be complemented by suitable further product recommendations based on the individual user profile. Additional suggestions based on various combinations, such as “last seen”, “other users also bought” or current bestsellers in the store can be added at any time.

And not only that, you can also use trbo to play out the results from the Product Advisor  and associated products further along the user journey. Based on the obtained user data, trbo can create dynamic segments and personalize the store based on the user’s interests.

Do you already know our Shopping Assistant by trbo?

With the chatbot by trbo, you bring digital product advice to your online store like a personal consulting assistant in brick-and-mortar retail.

The technical basis

Product advisor by trbo

The integration is simple – either a dedicated landing page is set up or playout is enabled at positions defined via the Tag Manager.

For the integration we need a tag manager – we do the rest. You already have trbo in place? Then we can also implement the Product Advisor by trbo directly through trbo.

trbo stands for holistic data utilization. Therefore, all generated user data can be synchronized seamlessly via individual interfaces. This guarantees a perfect user experience.

To display the matching products based on the advice from the Product Advisor by trbo, we only need a product feed. It’s best if you simply provide us with a link to a current feed, and we’ll take care of the integration.

Your product feed contains only a limited number of attributes? No problem, we can also generate structured data from your product descriptions. With these, we can improve the advice even further.

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