Inspiration Pages

Enlighten your customers with Shop-the-Look inspiration pages. No more browsing multiple categories to find products, but a visually appealing shopping experience with the ability to purchase matching products with just one click!







Simplify the user journey

With trbo’s inspiration pages, you have the canvas to craft Social-Media-like Shop-the-Look pages with ease. The visual inspiration helps your customers find the perfect complete look or product bundle for them, without having to browse multiple category pages, boosting conversion rates and sales.

Curate compelling visual impressions

Capture your audience’s attention with visually stunning inspiration pages that tell a story and evoke emotion. By clicking on the image or video, your users can add the complete bundle to their cart or swap single items to their liking.

Emotionalize the shopping experience

Use images or videos to showcase your full range of products. Instead of browsing plain category pages with single products, your users are inspired, engage with the inspiration pages and are more likely to make a purchase.

Automate and personalize the content curation

The inspiration pages are easily set-up and maintained. They can be combined perfectly with personalized product bundle recommendations based on the user’s interest on the product detail pages.

How to use inspiration pages in the Fashion industry

Read our Whitepaper to learn more about the perfect user experience in the Fashion industry

trbo offers a variety of features for your personalization journey.

With our product trbo Bundle we can provide you with the exact solution to achieve your website goals.

trbo Bundle

Inspiration meets usability. Perfect product bundles and shop-the-look offers for every user
  • Shop-the-Look
  • Inspirational Shopping
  • Product Bundles
  • Editorial and self-generated content

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The technical base

Inspiration Pages

Ignite your customers’ creativity and spark their interest with trbo’s inspiration pages feature.

Machine learning uses algorithms and data analytics to automatically identify user patterns and preferences to optimize the customer experience. With trbo, you can use this powerful tool to further refine your testing strategies.

The size of your target group often defines the duration for a significance. Anyhow, a test is always worth a try, from a user base of 100 users up to millions, as long as there is a hypothesis underlying.

Enable data & analytics on consumer behavior:

  • personalized recommendations
  • targeted offers
  • customized content

The click-in channel is an important data collection related to dynamic segments, as specific content and offers can be developed there.

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

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