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Maximize the power of email marketing by creating personalized newsletters and emails. 

With trbo, you can enhance and continuously optimize the performance of newsletter registrations. We target signup requests strategically, customize triggers for individual playback, and provide personalized content. 

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Generate more newsletter subscriptions

trbo offers unlimited design options for newsletter registration forms, whether as pop-up or in-page elements. You can personalize the forms based on the user’s browsing and shopping behavior, as well as tailor their individual preferences to enhance their engagement and interest. 

Through testing, you can analyze effortlessly which design and approach lead to a significant increase in signup rates. The signup optimization strategy includes adjusting the positioning of elements and display frequency. Additionally, existing newsletter recipients can be easily excluded from registration outreach.

Generate sales with the right email triggers

trbo allows the implementation of various email triggers that send signals to the existing email service provider (ESP). This functionality initiates sending emails at the right time to meet individual user needs – for instance, a reminder about a forgotten shopping cart leading to an increase in purchase rate or a notification when a previously sold-out product becomes available again. 

Personalized recommendations increase the CTR

In emails, addressing users with a one-size-fits-all approach is no longer suitable. Customers now prefer an individualized approach across various touchpoints. We directly translate a user’s personal interests deduced from their past browsing and purchasing behavior, into integrated individual offers within the newsletter as product recommendations. This significantly increases the likelihood of clicks and, ultimately, product purchases. Success can be easily proven through a split test.

Consider individual interests when creating segments

You can organize recipient lists accordingly by leveraging information derived from browsing behavior, which indicates a distinct individual interest aligned with a clear assigned segment. Individuals interested in men’s, women’s, or children’s fashion will receive their newsletter with proper segmentation. 

Simplified technical integration 

We’ve established connections with over 20 existing interfaces to ESPs, linking with numerous email providers. You can easily transmit newsletter registrations, personalized product recommendations, and individual triggers. Our open platform architecture allows  straightforward connections to a broad range of ESPs. 

Need Proof?

trbo assists companies of all types and sizes in crafting outstanding customer experiences through personalization. 

trbo offers a variety of features for your personalization journey.

With our product trbo Personalize we can provide you with the exact solution to achieve your website goals.

trbo Personalize

Create the perfect user experience with the right content at the right time
  • AI Recommendations
  • Content Personalization
  • A/B/MV Testing
  • Dynamic Segmentation

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The technical base

Unlocking the power of personalized
email marketing

With the trbo platform, you can effortlessly generate more newsletter subscriptions. Use specific trigger to loop your users right back into their customer journey and test your campaigns easily along the way.

An Email Service Provider (ESP) offers specialized services and tools to manage and personalize email campaigns. This enables targeted communication with recipients and maximizes the effectiveness of your email marketing strategy. 

Whether using the shop’s native forms or forms implemented by trbo, design and positioning can be achieved without requiring additional technical expertise or resources. Simply promoting hidden forms is a first step to higher sign-up rates. 

Users have the flexibility to determine when they receive specific emails. With trbo, defining a trigger is straightforward and easy, based on user behavior, such as a canceled purchase, a completed shopping list, or a even a loyal existing customer who consistently leaves the shop leaving behind a full cart.

Achieving optimization is possible with nearly every ESP, although not all can handle every type of data. It is essential to check the API documentation – the details are available for the existing interfaces. 

A/B testing is a powerful functionality that not only uncovers hidden potential in sign-up forms but also tests the performance of segments during their handover. 

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Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Leave us a message and one of our dedicated personalization experts will reach out to you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Schick uns eine Nachricht und einer unserer trbo Experten wird sich bei dir melden. Wir freuen uns darauf, von dir zu hören!