A/B- & Multivariant Testing

Put the web shop through its paces with A/B-tests from trbo. With trbo’s onsite personalization platform, you can perform A/B-Tests as well as multivariant tests. The results can be viewed directly on the platform and can be used to optimize your website further.

Testing is the Key

Testing is the Key

Depending on the objective, A/B-, Multivariant-Testing and dynamic tests help to achieve higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, more newsletter subscriptions and, ultimately, higher revenues. Even if none of these goals is achieved, a test always provides insights.


Conventional A/B-Tests compare the results of two versions that often differ in only one detail. For example, the changes apply to parts of the website, the shop or, as in most cases, only to individual elements or different links. This method is optimal for simple optimization questions such as the positioning of a button or advertising banner.

Multivariant Testing

Multivariant Testing

With a multivariant test (also A/B/n-test), the versions can be as varied as the users themselves. With the help of the A/B/n-tests, a large number of changes can be made and compared with regard to user reactions in real time. This increases the conversions, lowers the bounce rate and provides a positive user experience.

Dynamic A/B-Tests

In dynamic A/B testing, users are not assigned to a variant randomly, but because of their profile. This allows individual parts of the web shop to be adapted to the customer's needs, even for very different target buyer groups.

Dynamic A/B-Tests

A/B Testing in Use

How L'Oréal increased the conversion rate by 30 percent using A/B-testing

In order to increase sales via mobile devices, L'Oréal decided to test three different optimizations of a Call to Action on mobile listing pages with A/B-tests. The result: a 30 percent increase in the conversion rate.


Higher Conversion Rate

A/B-Testing: The Technical Basis

Dynamic Segmentation
Machine Learning
Shop-Platform agnostic

Simple A/B-tests as well as comprehensive multivariant tests can easily be implemented via the trbo platform. Website visitors are divided into two or more groups. The results of the tests can be viewed in the comprehensive reporting area of the trbo platform and successes can be seen at a glance.


A properly conducted testing is the basis for a meaningful optimization. This way, it is easier to identify which measures really appeal to users. (Dynamic) A/B- & multivariant tests allow valid statements on the success of one or more measures and, thus, serve to optimize the website or shop further. Learn more about Analytics & Optimization now

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