Intelligent Targeting

In order to be able to adapt the website content to specific target groups, trbo uses more than 50 data points on user behavior, but also on the geolocation and the weather. In this way, users are always presented with exactly the right, smartly played out content.

Turning customers into loyal customers by means of targeting

Turning customers into loyal customers by means of targeting

The use of intelligent targeting helps to turn new customers into repeat customers quickly. In order to do so, they need to be targeted - only in this way can they be encouraged to buy again.

Customer data is the treasure of a shop operator

Companies already have a variety of information about their users and customers, including the purchase history, preferred product categories, possibly the gender, age and location. But also unknown users already provide important information about the surfing behavior for a personalized approach. If that data is used skillfully, they become a treasure for your company - and the users tend to buy again due to a personal relationship with your shop.

Customer data is the treasure of a shop operator
Thomas Cook

Intelligent Targeting and Personalization in Use

How Thomas Cook increased the conversion value by 41 percent by personalizing the homepage

In the travel sector users attach great importance to a personalized booking experience. Therefore, the travel company Thomas Cook tested a personalization measure on the homepage. Individually customized boxes were shown - with inspiration for families or couples without children. The result: a 41 percent higher conversion value through personalization.


Increase in Conversion Values


Dynamic Segmentation
Geo- & Weather-Data
Machine Learning
Click-In Channel
External Data Sources
Big Data
Shop-Platform agnostic

For intelligent targeting, clean tracking and in general external data connections also play a vital role. An intelligent algorithm calculates the available data in order to display a user address perfectly tailored at all times. In real time, smart and relevant.


Apply intelligent targeting for the perfect user approach on your website. The data points used enable perfect personalization for your users. Learn more about personalization now

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