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Favorite Feature

The range of trbo’s features is large and varied. That’s why we’re all the more interested in what our colleagues’ favorite features are and why.

In our last favorite features, we learned from Benjamin Kostic about customer retention through personalization and influencer marketing, and from Manuel Ries about innovative off-season marketing strategies.

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to another of Jihad’s favorite features: the AI Chatbot.


Which customer inquiries give you the most pleasure in a typical working day?

What I enjoy most is talking to our customers about our AI chatbot. It is fascinating to see how quickly and easily our AI chatbot can be integrated. What I find particularly interesting is how accurately the chatbot interacts with users and improves the quality of in-shop customer service.


Is there a trbo feature that you particularly like to implement and if so, why?

In addition to the various interesting features of our tool that are useful for different use cases and customer needs, I’ve been personally impressed with our AI chatbot lately. Thanks to its quick and easy implementation, we are able to optimize the shop’s customer service and improve the interaction with users. Frequently asked questions (FAQs), which in most cases have to be searched for in the shop, can simply be asked to the AI chatbot and users can quickly get the right answer. It is also possible to easily check the delivery status and stay up to date. There are also other options – such as providing information on specific products – that enable human-like interaction with customers. This achieves a much higher success rate than just static communication options with an ordinary chatbot without AI. 


Can you give an example and explain the function in more detail? 

The whole thing works automatically and without constant tweaking. To do this, we create a “knowledge base” in the tool, where we first try to cover all relevant shop information to ensure that the most common customer questions are covered. Users write their questions and get the right answer right away. 

There was a very interesting example with my last client: they have a live chat that is managed by their customer support team. Since the team is not available on weekends and holidays, there is a risk that users have a lot of questions but cannot find the right person to talk to. This is especially true on weekends when website traffic is high.

With the AI chatbot, we were able to relieve the support team and help minimize the number of tickets submitted by customers.


At wich point in the user journey is the implementation best suited, and why?

The AI chatbot can be integrated into different parts of the website. This allows users to quickly and easily ask questions or get help with their product search at any time.


An online retailer want to implement the feature on their website. What advice would you give them before implementation?

For the implementation of the AI chatbot, a so-called “knowledge base” is required. It should contain FAQs or important information about the products. For best results, the knowledge base should be maintained and kept up to date. If your product information or processes change, the knowledge base needs to be updated accordingly. Beyond that, however, no further implementation effort is expected. It is also important to monitor user interactions to keep an eye on the quality of the results and to optimize them if necessary. 


What advantages and opportunities does this measure offers?

The biggest benefit is that the online shop offers its users a quick and easy way to ask the AI chatbot questions and get a suitable answer in a very short time. This also gives the shop the opportunity to find out where it needs to be optimized. 

In addition, a chatbot can reduce the burden on a company’s customer service department by preventing simple questions from reaching the team in the first place, allowing them to focus on more complicated queries.


For wich industries is the use particularly worthwhile?

The AI chatbot is suitable for all industries. Especially for online shops that offer a complex product portfolio and therefore receive frequent questions from users. Customers are not only provided with all relevant information during the purchase process, but are also supported after the purchase and can find a solution to their problem quickly and easily.


Jihad Habiballah

Jihad Habiballah

Senior Client Success Manager

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