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In our previous favorite feature, we heard interesting information about trbo Advise’s In-Page Advisor from our Junior Client Success Manager Florian Reiche. In February, Manuel Ries presented his marketing ideas for the off-season. Now, Client Success Manager Benjamin Kostic shows you how you can create customer loyalty with personalization and influencer marketing.


Which customer inquiries give you the most pleasure in a typical working day?

I love inquiries that take a multichannel approach. trbo focuses on onsite experiences, but offers the opportunity to use a user’s first touchpoint on the site to create personalized approaches. This is done via segments and the click-in channel. If you are from the fashion industry and are planning an influencer campaign, we can use this information for personalized targeting. This could be, for example, if influencer XY advertises a product, and we label the advertised product onsite with a note such as ‘XY approved’ to strengthen the social proof and flag this on the website during the customer journey.


Is there a trbo feature that you particularly like to implement and if so, why?

No, I don’t have a specific feature, but I find the synergy of all the features based on the campaign rules super exciting. Coupons and flags are particularly popular in influencer marketing.


Can you give an example and explain the function in more detail?

Sure, trbo offers over 80 different templates, including coupons, recommendations, surveys and many more. All of them can be personalized via campaign rules. This can also be linked to the entry point on the website.


At which point in the user journey is the implementation best suited, and why?

There are several suitable positions, most prominently of course at the entry point on the website, but also through labels on category pages and personalized communication in the header. Product recommendations are particularly effective on the product detail page.


An online retailer wants to implement the feature on their website. What advice would you give them before implementation?

  • Target group definition: It is often advantageous to define the target group precisely. This can be done using “personas”, a popular tool in marketing, to determine who you are addressing and how, and which needs should be addressed.
  • Personalized tonality: This should be considered when entering the website and depending on the medium through which the user comes. The tonality on TikTok, for example, differs from that on LinkedIn. Our SaaS can read this and adapt the approach accordingly.
  • Number of followers is not an indicator: In recent years, “micro-influencers” have emerged who stand out more for their high-quality content and engagement with the product than for their high follower numbers. There are now agencies that offer a selection of mini-influencers.
  • Testing: It is essential that the voucher that is distributed via an influencer link is tested and activated in the store system in advance to avoid problems during the customer journey.


What advantages and opportunities does this measure offer?

The user feels confirmed in their purchasing behavior. This can also lead to an increase in the conversion rate by displaying product recommendations that come from the selected influencer.


For which industries is the use particularly worthwhile? 

The use of personalization in combination with influencer marketing is particularly worthwhile in the fashion, retail and consulting-intensive sectors. A personalized message in the header, combined with a link, is a classic and effective tool whose impact is often underestimated.


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Benjamin Kostic

Benjamin Kostic

Client Success Manager

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