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After demonstrating the capabilities of surveys in the trbo tool by Client Success Manager Karyna Gornishevska and the introduction of her favorite feature, the trbo Bundle, by Nargiza Reimbaeva, the spotlight shifts to Manuel Ries. It is now his turn to present his marketing ideas for the mid-season.

Which trbo feature do you particularly like implementing, and why?

I like to implement product recommendations because they provide flexibility in placing them across various store environments and can significantly boost the conversion rate during the off-season. For instance, you can present recommendations as product bundles curated specifically for the mid-season. Thus, your customers are encouraged to make multiple purchases at once.

Product bundle by Deuter

An inter-seasonal theme, such as a warehouse clearance event, can be integrated into an online shop. To accomplish this, the relevant products in the feed can be tagged via trbo and connected to the product logic ‘Recommended products.’

During the off-season, enhancing the motivation for making a purchase and strengthening customer loyalty can be achieved by offering free shipping or issuing special discount codes for orders.

Adding a countdown boosts the exclusivity of the offer and creates a sense of urgency, motivating the user to seize the opportunity now.

Voucher overlay by l’tur

Alternatively, personalized geotargeting can intelligently tailor content to users based on weather conditions such as snow, rain, or sunny weather. Depending on the weather, adjustments can be made to the homepage design or the range of recommendations.

At which point in the user journey is the implementation of the feature best suited, and why?

When implementing this feature, the best point in the user journey is generally integrating product recommendations throughout the online store. Whether on the homepage, the product detail page, or even in the shopping cart, presenting products to the user through targeted measures enhances the overall user experience.

An online retailer wants to implement the feature on their website. What advice would you give them before implementation?

If an online retailer is contemplating adding this feature to their website, I suggest carefully considering the overall design of the entire shop, based on the theme or main topic. Address essential questions about the design or placement of product recommendation in advance. Additionally, identify the optimal points in the user journey to engage with the user. To further refine this, consider using funnel reporting, with its analysis of bounce rates.

What advantages and opportunities does this offer?

Well-placed product recommendations and a cohesive appearance in a web shop enhance its professional presentation to visitors, giving them the impression of a trustworthy store with competitive prices. Implementing strategies such as “Frequently Bought Together,” “Top-Seller,” or “Top Trending” optimally strengthens cross-sells.

For which industries is it particularly worthwhile? Can you provide some results or a particularly successful use case?

In fast-paced industries like fashion or household appliances, leveraging product recommendations is a powerful tool for retaining long-term shop visitors through unbeatable prices. Generally, product recommendations are ideal for capturing the user’s attention, especially when promoting special offers.

Incorporating customer reviews and recommendations on the website can enhance the trust of potential buyers, encouraging them to shop from the store even during slower shoulder seasons.

Konen’s sidebar product recommendation

Is the option an all-time classic, or has its impact been underestimated so far?

I consider product recommendations to be a timeless classic because, when appropriately personalized, they can directly address the user.

Manuel Ries

Manuel Ries

Client Success Manager

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