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Everything about testing (1)
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Testing
Our testing blog series is coming to an end. This is the final installment in our series on everything...
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The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Key Testing KPIs
Wondering wich KPIs you can consider for testing? We collected the most important ones and show you when...
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Multi-armed Bandit Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Armed Bandit Testing
In this blog post we want to present you a very young but effective test type: multi-armed bandit testing....
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Multivariant Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Multivariant Testing
In today's episode of our blog series you'll learn everything about multivariant testing.
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A-B Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About A/B Testing
Ever thought about an A/B test? Read here how you can benefit from it!
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trbo Insights - Senior Client Success Manager Alejandro Guizar's favorite feature
In our new blog series, we asked our trbo colleagues what their favorite feature in the trbo tool is....
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Blogserie Lieblingsfeature
trbo Insights – Lieblingsfeature von Senior Client Success Manager Alejandro Guizar
In unserer neuen Blogserie haben wir unsere trbo-Kollegen gefragt, welches ihr Lieblingsfeature im trbo-Tool...
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trbo Case Study Sanicare Beitragsbild
Wie man mit spezifizierten Produktempfehlungen die Conversion Rate um 11,39% steigern kann
Sanicare wurde 1998 im niedersächsischen Kurort Bad Laer im Landkreis Osnabrück gegründet. Neben den...
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Our checklist for the perfect testing set-up
The buzzword ‘Data Driven’ is on everyone’s lips. However, numerous decisions regarding the optimization...
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Mit unserer Checkliste zum perfekten Testing Set-up
Das Buzzword Data Driven ist in aller Munde. Dabei werden immer noch eine Vielzahl an Entscheidungen,...
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Zeit zu feiern! trbo gewinnt einen Best Retail Cases Award in der Kategorie Retail E-Commerce
Unser Case “21% höhere Conversion Rate durch optimierte Google Shopping-Einstiege” von mydays...
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trbo Best Retail Cases 2022
Time to celebrate! trbo wins a Best Retail Cases award in the category of Retail E-Commerce
Our case “21% conversion rate increase with optimized Google shopping entries” from mydays...
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