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Favorite Feature

Another new month, another favorite feature! After Susanne showed us how to strategically place product recommendations in the user journey in July, Client Success Manager Jihad Habiballah, our specialist for click-in channels, is here to give us some exciting insights.


Which trbo feature do you enjoy using the most?

As a click-in channels specialist, I like to use this feature in connection with recommendations. A click-in channel is how a user enters a website or online store, often for the first time. In online marketing, companies use various channels to target users and persuade them to visit their site.

Especially in the context of SEA, Facebook advertising and similar cost-intensive areas, this function is becoming increasingly important. Since the interests of users from these channels are often different from those of direct site visitors, this issue requires a careful approach.  After all, users only enter the online store when they have searched for a specific product or interacted with a specific product ad.


Can you describe the ‘click-in channel’ feature in a bit more detail? Where can it be integrated on a website and what opportunities does it create for retailers?

With click-in channels, your store can identify and target specific users from defined channels. This allows you to suggest specific product alternatives or segment users. With our click-in campaigns, you can target users who come to the site through specific channels such as SEA or social media. Once a user has searched for a specific product and landed on the product page, there are various hurdles or reasons why the visit might not end in a successful conversion. That’s why it makes sense to present your users with an alternative product and extend the time they spend on your site.


Why do you think this measure is so effective? 

It is relatively simple to implement, but I think it has a very significant impact. With this feature, you can get users from different channels to interact directly with your store.


Let’s say an online retailer wants to implement this feature on their website. What advice would you give them before implementing it?

As an online retailer, you should have clear goals for implementing this feature. These goals might include increasing conversion rates, improving the user experience, or increasing customer retention. It is also important to understand the target audience and consider their needs and behaviors. After implementing the feature, it’s important to continually monitor and analyze your KPIs. 


Is the ‘click-in channel’ feature a well-used classic or do you think it’s underrated?

I find that the effectiveness of “click-in” channels depends on the quality of the personalization, the relevance of the recommendations, and the company’s ability to make sense of the customer data it collects to deliver tailored experiences. It’s not so much a matter of underestimating these channels, but rather of continuously adapting and optimizing them. However, the specific prioritization and use of channels may vary depending on the industry, target audience, and current trends.


For which industries is it particularly suitable? Can you give some examples?

The use of click-through channels can be beneficial in a variety of industries. For example, in the fashion and apparel industry, personalized product recommendations can help your customers find the right clothes and accessories. Click-in channels improve the user experience and help customers return more often.

Click-in channels are also useful in the electronics and technology industry: Electronics retailers can use click-in channels to suggest accessories, upgrades, and complementary items to their customers. This can encourage the sale of additional products and increase customer loyalty.


Jihad Habiballah

Jihad Habiballah

Senior Client Success Manager

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