Netflix & Personalization: How Customization Revolutionized the Streaming Industry

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Netflix, a powerhouse in the entertainment industry, has captivated millions of viewers with its fascinating platform, delivering a unique user experience that continues to set the bar high. With an annual revenue reaching $33.7 billion in 2023 and 238.3 million annual subscribers, Netflix stands as a testament to innovation and success. But what truly sets Netflix apart and keeps viewers coming back for more?

The following also serves as inspiration for other industries in shaping the success and development of their online businesses through the adoption of a personalization platform. 

Mastering Personalization

Netflix revolutionized the way we consume entertainment by adopting a subscription model that allows users to binge-watch as much as they desire for a flat monthly fee, collecting loads of useful data in the process. This data includes insights into user interests, viewing habits, genre preferences, and more, enabling them to tailor the viewing experience to each user. 

One of the fundamental factors that Netflix respects is age, evident in their dedicated kids’ section and tailored content recommendations for younger viewers. Even within shared accounts, where multiple users coexist, Netflix ensures that recommendations are personalized to suit each user’s tastes and preferences. 

But Netflix’s personalization efforts don’t stop there. They go a step further by considering geographic location and offering different content based on the user’s region. This localization not only boosts the viewing experience but also respects cultural nuances, providing a truly immersive experience for users around the globe. 

In a parallel world, trbo offers a similar personalized approach to e-commerce. Imagine an online store powered by trbo, analyzing user browsing behavior to uncover individual preferences and interests. Much like Netflix’s adopted personalized strategies, trbo platform provides online shops with the tools to ensure each of their shoppers encounters product recommendations tailored to their unique tastes. It’s like having a personal shopper curating selections just for you as you browse, making the online shopping experience more intuitive and enjoyable.

The same applies to other significant factors. For instance, consider the geo-location feature utilized by a clothing retailer using trbo. They have successfully targeted their marketing efforts, promoting winter wear to users in colder regions while showcasing summer outfits to those in warmer areas.

Fostering User Engagement

Netflix’s commitment to user engagement is unparalleled. They anticipate viewers’ preferences, creating tailored personalized lists of recommended content before it’s even launched. Additionally, Netflix actively seeks feedback from its audience, whether through email surveys or subtle prompts during viewing sessions, demonstrating a genuine interest in understanding and meeting user needs, while keeping track of any potential loss of customers.

Another smart approach is how Netflix prompts, “Still watching …?” to prevent users from losing their place or using internet data when they’re not actively viewing a TV show or movie. This message appears after streaming three consecutive TV show episodes without engaging with any video player controls, or after 90 minutes of uninterrupted viewing.

What truly sets Netflix apart is its ability to make users feel valued and heard. Personalized notifications about newly added content to their watchlist create a sense of importance and connection, fostering deeper engagement and loyalty among users.

In a practical scenario for a retailer using trbo to improve user engagement, such as a beauty brand. trbo could segment users into specific groups based on their skincare concerns, such as acne-prone skin or anti-aging needs. From there, the platform would deliver personalized product recommendations precisely tailored to address each user’s skincare requirements. Similar to how Netflix customizes personalized content lists, trbo dynamically adjusts website elements, including product displays and promotional banners, based on user behavior and preferences.

Key Insights

  • Personalization is at the heart of Netflix’s success, allowing them to accommodate individual preferences and improve the user experience.
  • By leveraging data analytics and user feedback, Netflix continually refines its content offerings and recommendations, staying ahead of the ever-evolving streaming landscape.
  • The future of streaming lies in customization, as users increasingly expect tailored experiences that cater to their unique tastes and preferences.


In an industry dominated by giants, Netflix has crafted its niche by prioritizing personalization and user engagement. By understanding the importance of catering to individual preferences and tastes, Netflix has revolutionized how we consume entertainment, setting a benchmark for streaming services worldwide. As technology and user expectations evolve, one thing remains clear: personalization will continue to be the driving force behind Netflix’s success.

This is exactly where trbo’s expertise in onsite personalization shines. With its proven track record and tailored solutions serving as a trusted partner for a wide range of online businesses, including webshops, publishers, and beyond, using data analysis, and personalized strategies, trbo helps businesses implement tactics similar to Netflix’s approach. This includes customized AI-based product recommendations, A/B testing, and behavior, overlays, all designed to strengthen user engagement, boost conversion rates, and maintain a competitive edge.

Feeling inspired and ready to dive into the exciting world of onsite personalization? Get in touch with us for more detailed information and a tailored digital experience.

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