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Guided Selling Chatbot
5 Tips for Creating a Guided Selling Chatbot
We have collected 5 tips for creating a guided selling chatbot for better customer service on your website....
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Guided Selling
What Exactly is Guided Selling?
Find out what Guided Selling is and how it helps you to offer successful customer service and a unique...
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4th of July - Independence Day
Celebrate Independence Day with Exciting Summer Sales - Unlock the Power of Personalization to Stand Out
Explore all the unique ways you can use personalization and optimization on your webshop to engage your...
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Blog _ Small Changes - Big Impact-Picture1
Small Changes - Big Impact
Small Changes - Big Impact: Here Are a Few Key Tips for Effective Personalization Strategies. Check Out...
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Onsite-Research with trbo
Wanted? Got it! The Perfect Search Experience
Want to offer your customers an easy user experience, better navigation and search results? Our new trbo...
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Beginner's Guide Personalization
A Beginner's Guide to Personalization: Simple Steps to Personalization
You are a beginner to onsite personalization? Here's the guide for you with simple steps. Check out our...
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people watching tv
Netflix & Personalization: How Customization Revolutionized the Streaming Industry
The way Netflix personalizes it's platform is revolutionary. Want to learn how you can customize your...
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Customer Journey Travel
The Everyday Impact of Customer Experience: Travel Industry
Discover how the travel industry can improve consumers' daily lives by seamlessly integrating technology...
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Favorite Feature
trbo Insights – Nargiza's Favorite Feature
Learn more about the 'Shop the Look' functions and product bundles. The boost for a perfect customer...
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Multi-armed Bandit Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Armed Bandit Testing
In this blog post we want to present you a very young but effective test type: multi-armed bandit testing....
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Multivariant Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Multivariant Testing
In today's episode of our blog series you'll learn everything about multivariant testing.
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A-B Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About A/B Testing
Ever thought about an A/B test? Read here how you can benefit from it!
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