Boo! Ideas to grab customers’ attention for Halloween

Halloween header 2023

Trick or treat! What, too soon? Halloween is a ways away, but now is the time to start planning your online shop’s ghoulish festivities and sales! After all, over a third of American shoppers claim to start checking off their lists for the spooky holiday 3 to 4 weeks in advance. 

Are you looking for some Halloween promotion ideas to get your shop ready for the scary season? Then you’ve come to the right haunted house! We’ve gathered some of our favorite promotions and creative webshop enhancements that our customers use to get their spook on.

Make your logo look spooky ooky

Tackenberg created a Halloween version of their logo to let their customers know that there are spooky deals to be had.

There is one very important reason why you should plan something special for your website during the Halloween season: it’s perfect for grabbing your visitors’ attention. Whether you have a sale going on, a special promotion, or seasonal products to sell, Halloween-themed campaigns can help you make the most of the holiday. 

So how do you grab your visitors’ attention? Well, for starters, it’s time to decorate! Brick-and-mortar stores might have paper ghosts and a smiling jack-o-lantern in their windows, but you’ve got plenty of options to get festive online too. One of our favorite examples is a great way to start: create a Halloween version of your company logo! If you have a unique logo like Tackenberg that stands out, giving it the spooky treatment can help you make customers aware of whatever Halloween season festivities you have in store for them. And bonus: You can use it to spread awareness on all of your channels: social media, ad campaigns, the list is endless. 

Decorate your homepage with a shower of pumpkins

Faber-Castell greets their webshop visitors with a festive shower of tiny pumpkins.

Maybe you don’t have a particularly malleable company logo that you can decorate — no biggie. One of the best places to decorate your webshop for Halloween is the homepage. Once visitors walk through your digital front door, they should be greeted by something (possibly scary) that keeps them on your website. This is where gamification comes in handy, especially animated elements.

Faber-Castell celebrated Halloween with a shower of little pumpkins on their homepage. The moving elements capture visitors’ eyes immediately, making their first impression of the website more exciting. There are tons of similar possibilities to play with: try a shower of autumn leaves, a few cute ghosts floating around your menu options… the more creative you get, the more attention you’ll earn. 

Get eyes on your promotion with a creepy creature

Caption: Kik customers are greeted by an animated bat they can click on to see seasonal products and special Halloween offers.

If you have special offers or a sale to promote, a creative way to point visitors in the right direction is to add an animated character. One of our favorite examples is the flying bat that Kik uses as a clickable element to guide customers to their seasonal products. The added speech bubble lets you know that clicking on it will get you where you want to go.   

Halloween has a lot of great staple characters to choose from: a friendly little ghost, a jolly jack-o-lantern, a witch cackling on her broomstick… we could go on. Whatever creepy creature you choose, make sure it’s doing its job: bringing attention to your promotion, a specific menu item, or spreading the word about your special Halloween discount code, just to name a few great options. 

Inspire your customers with a Halloween-themed gift card  

Golfhouse offers several themed gift cards, so adding a Halloween gift card option and advertising it with a pop-up is an easy way to take advantage of the season.

You don’t have to sell Halloween-themed products in order to profit from the fun holiday. Take an example from Golfhouse, a customer of ours who sells a variety of themed gift cards. During the creepy season, Golfhouse advertises their Halloween-themed gift card with a pop-up layer, reminding their visitors that the holiday is coming up and is a great time to get their golfer buddies a last-minute personal gift. 

Another great promotion option is a Halloween-themed scratch card element, where your shop visitors can “scratch off” a special discount code. Adding an interactive element to what would otherwise be a straightforward discount adds some fun to the experience and makes your visitors more likely to stick around and complete a purchase. 

Get spooky and make it fun!

Did you see something that sparked a Halloween idea for your own online shop? We hope so! The most important thing to remember is that it’s a holiday about having fun and letting your imagination run wild, so whatever promotional campaign you come up with should reflect that. If you need some help, get in contact with us — we’ve got a few more creepy crawly ideas up our sleeves.

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