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125 different promo combinations and more
Did you know that there are at least 125 different promo combinations to engage customers? Discover how...
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Halloween header 2023
Boo! Ideas to grab customers’ attention for Halloween
Halloween is coming up! Here are a few creative ideas for grabbing your customers' attention.
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Beitragsbild_July 4th
Let's shoot fireworks! How to use gamification on your site for July 4th
Explore all the unique ways you can use gamification features on your webshop to engage your visitors...
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Pop-ups are here to stay: Use them!
Pop-ups are an essential tool that, when used strategically, can help decrease cart abandonment, win...
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Onsite Easter egg hunt - turn visitors into buyers in a playful way
Easter is just around the corner! And even if the Easter bunnies have been waiting in the supermarkets...
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