trbo Insights – Jennifer’s Favorite Feature

Favorite Feature

After Susanne just informed us about the strategically clever placement of product recommendations and Jihad showed exciting insights into click-in channels, it’s now Jennifer’s turn to introduce us to her favorite feature in the trbo tool.


Jennifer, which trbo feature is your favorite to use?

Well, I have to say I’m a big fan of the Countdown Inpage element. It’s a fantastic way to draw attention to limited time offers. I really like to use it for high traffic days like Black Friday and co.

Can you tell us more about how the countdown feature works and where it can be included on a website? What chances does it offer?

Of course, in general you can display the countdown anywhere on the website. It is most effective when placed prominently in the header, where it grabs visitors’ attention immediately after they enter the page. No matter if it’s an overlay or an inpage element, there are a lot of possibilities.
I can demonstrate the effect of the countdown using the example of Cardio Fitness. First, we used an inpage element to highlight the Black Special offer throughout the site. Additionally, we displayed products included in  the discount promotion as an overlay on certain pages.

Countdown Animationtrbo

Black Fridaytrbo

What do you like most about this approach?

The countdown is a total eye-catcher and attracts full attention. It motivates the user to interact with the campaign.  


Suppose an online retailer wants to implement this feature on his website. What advice would you give him in advance?

Before implementing the countdown, you should consider what action you want to highlight and how long it should run. For example, do you want the countdown to run for the entire Black Week, or do you want to promote individual promotions each day that encourage users to make a purchase within 24 hours?


In your opinion, is this feature an all-time classic or do you think its impact has been underestimated so far?

For the high-turnover days around Black Friday, Halloween and Christmas, the countdown is a well-established tool, but it can also work wonders for smaller promotions. For example, if a coupon code is only valid for 24 hours, it creates a sense of urgency that motivates customers to make the purchase before they miss out on the discount.


Are there certain industries for which the use is particularly suitable?

The use of a countdown is not industry-specific. Any industry can benefit from linking limited-time promotions with countdown layers to drive user interactions and increase purchase completions.


Jennifer Lippki

Jennifer Lippki

Junior Client Success Manager

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