DMEXCO 2023 – A review full of sweets and successes

trbo booth at DMEXCO 2023

This year’s DMEXCO was not only a place to explore the latest digital trends, but also to network with brilliant minds and drop in on our experts. Our trbo booth proved to be an absolute crowd puller, inviting visitors to enjoy a round of sweet temptations at our candy bar. One of our colleagues even kept giving away his heart – a delicious gingerbread heart to wear as a memory of trbo, of course.

But before we dive into the sweet details of our booth, we want to tell you something: We won the 2nd and 3rd place at the Best Retail Case Award with our case study with Hagebau. By optimizing the filter function, Hagebau was able to achieve a whopping  increase of 78.52% in conversion value. Yes, you heard right, that’s almost an increase of 80% – that’s more than you can achieve with a big bag of gummi bears! We received the award directly at the DMEXCO, the colleagues from Hagebau were also there and so we were even more pleased about it. Our collaboration with Hagebau has shown that innovative solutions and data-driven optimization can lead to amazing results and is also incredibly fun!

Best Retail Case Award Winnerstrbo

But back to our time at DMEXCO. Our visitors were spoiled for choice and didn’t even know whether they should go trick-or-treating. Who would have thought that sugar could be so inspiring?

trbo & Chatchamp expertstrbo

With our trbo and Chatchamp experts in place, who were willingly providing information and diving into the deep waters of digital marketing, we had plenty to talk about from onsite personalization to guided selling:

Onsite Personalization: the art of customizing the offer for each visitor and significantly optimizing the user experience.

Conversion optimization: how to convert visitors into paying customers and grow online business.

Multivariate Testing, A/B Testing and Multi-Armed Bandit Testing: tools for optimizing website elements and content.

Smart Targeting: the targeting of specific audiences for better results.

Dynamic Segmentation: The creation of ever-evolving audiences.

Customer Data Enrichment: how to leverage customer data to provide better insights and personalized experiences.

Guided Selling via Chatbot or Full-Screen Wizard: The use of chatbots and interactive assistants to guide customers through the buying and consulting process.

The presentations and discussions at DMEXCO were as inspiring as they were educational. We exchanged ideas about the latest trends and developments in e-commerce and gained valuable insights from industry experts. It’s always impressive to see how much added value this trade show offers. 

Our conclusion:

DMEXCO 2023 was undoubtedly a highlight in the digital marketing calendar. Therefore, we can’t wait to see you again next year! Until then, let our sweet memories of gingerbread hearts, gummi bears and lollipops accompany us as we continue to revolutionize the e-commerce world.

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