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Favorite Feature

Following our Client Success Manager Karyna Gornishevska’s recent demonstration of what can be achieved with a survey in the trbo tool, Teamlead Client Success Nargiza Reimbaeva now introduces us to her favorite feature: the trbo Bundle. Find out what benefits this feature offers.


Which trbo feature do you particularly like implementing, and why?

I love the ‘Shop the Look’ functions and product bundles. They allow store operators to easily inspire their online shoppers and perfectly optimize the shopping experience.

Do you have an example that explains the function in more detail?

Suppose a user is looking for an outfit for a business event and is therefore looking for black trousers in size M. She is then automatically shown additional products that can be combined with these pants. For example, a matching blouse, a cool blazer and perhaps the right shoes. To make it easier for marketers to inspire and emotionalize shopping, trbo has developed the Bundle. It can be used to integrate inspiration pages and product bundles in various places in the online store – whether on the homepage, dedicated landing pages, category pages or product detail pages.

shop the look function


At which point in the user journey is the implementation of the feature best suited, and why?

There are three key places where the ‘Shop the Look’ function can be placed effectively. In this brief overview, I’ll show you why these positions are so well-suited:

‘Shop the Look’ functions on the homepage

The ‘Shop the Look’ functions are particularly effective on the homepage. This is where visitors often have their first contact with the online store. The targeted placement of appealing and inspiring looks arouses visitors’ attention as soon as they enter the website. This not only enables a direct approach, but also encourages the discovery of products that the user might otherwise not have actively searched for. 

Product bundles on category pages

Category pages are often highly frequented and therefore offer an ideal platform for presenting product bundles. Here, you can target users’ interests by offering suitable bundles for the categories they are currently searching. 

Product bundles on product detail pages

The placement of product bundles on product detail pages enables a targeted cross-selling strategy. It allows you to show customers directly complementary products to what they are currently looking at. This not only increases the likelihood of additional sales, but also increases customer satisfaction as they find matching products in one convenient bundle. The tactic is particularly effective as it reaches the user at a later stage of the purchase decision and specifically encourages them to add more products to their basket.

Overall, the ‘Shop the Look’ features and product bundles help to continuously guide and improve the user journey, from the first touchpoint on the homepage through to the more detailed category and product detail pages.


What advantages and opportunities does this offer?

Convenience is what counts in e-commerce: users want to find their products quickly and easily. They are also used to this inspiration on outfits, living and much more from Instagram & Co. It is now also possible to get this kind of style advice on the website. 

Further advantages are that the combination of ‘Shop the Look’ functions and the trbo AI increases the duration of the time spent on the website. Shopping is also simplified for users, cart optimization is improved, and every user is inspired by a unique shopping experience.


Which sectors are best suited to using it? Can you give us a few results or a particularly good use case?

Inspiration pages work in a wide range of industries: complete outfits in the fashion sector, a fully equipped living room in the furniture industry or accessory bundles in the electronics and telecommunications sector – all these industries (and many more) benefit from presenting new ideas to customers.

Product bundles can be used as additional product recommendations in the store. In this way, users can directly see the matching complete outfit for their jeans and can add it to their shopping cart with just a few clicks. Just like trbo’s regular product recommendations, bundles are displayed according to various logics, such as top sellers, recently added bundles or with the help of artificial intelligence.


Is the option an all-time classic, or do you think its impact has been underestimated so far?

For me, this feature is my absolute favorite, and I like to think of the ‘Shop the Look’ function as the online equivalent of the tried-and-tested mannequins in brick-and-mortar stores. The power of presenting products in an inspiring way and giving recommendations is a timeless classic in traditional retail. In e-commerce, however, this tried, and tested strategy may not yet have received the attention it deserves. It might be time to turn product recommendations into an all-time classic in online shopping, just as it has always been successfully practiced in brick-and-mortar retail.


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Nargiza Reimbaeva

Nargiza Reimbaeva

Teamlead Client Success

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