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trbo offers a wide range of features, each with unique benefits. We’re always keen to hear which features our colleagues favor and why. In our previous “Favorite Features,” we explored innovative off-season marketing strategies with Manuel Ries and the AI chatbot with Jihad Habiballah. Today, we’re excited to share Minea’s favorite feature: audience-based personalization.


What types of customer inquiries do you enjoy the most during a typical workday?

I find it most gratifying when customers want to delve into personalizing their websites, one of trbo’s core topics. This area is so individualized that it consistently provides fascinating insights for each client, demonstrating daily the value of a personalization strategy for every business.


Is there a trbo feature that you particularly like to implement and, if so, why?

My favorite feature is static segments. I particularly enjoy implementing static segments because they often serve as the initial introduction to personalization for many shops. It’s thrilling to see how easily one can better understand their audience and create more effective campaigns. With a comprehensive set of rules, each segment can be highly customized for each store. I also love the tracking and evaluation of segments. This feature is especially beneficial for stores that haven’t conducted extensive target group analysis, as it reveals the potential of each segment. It’s always exciting when a small segment generates a high conversion rate. This approach is ideal for strategically expanding the store and enhancing both the user journey and conversions.


Can you give an example and explain the function in more detail?

In e-commerce, different visitor groups benefit from targeted approaches:

First-time visitors: These visitors explore the site like a new territory. Personalized recommendations based on general preferences or trends spark curiosity and encourage exploration.

Existing customers: Familiar with the site, these customers can be offered tailored deals such as discounts on favorite products or VIP events, boosting their loyalty.

The up-sell shopper: Interested in buying, these customers are open to further suggestions. Personalized recommendations of complementary products can increase their basket value.

The undecided shopper: Some visitors are unsure of what they want. Personalized navigation and recommendations based on their browsing behavior help them decide and engage more. 

The undecided user type can be captured with specific static rules.


Segment Rules trbo


The known user: Registered customers can be targeted based on past purchases and preferences, making them feel valued with personalized recommendations.

The returning visitor: These visitors should feel recognized and welcomed back. Reminders of past interactions and relevant updates can drive further purchases or deeper engagement. 

The “returning visitor” user type can be captured with specific static rules.



There are many more segments to explore, whether generally useful or tailored to the e-shop and its products. Just get in touch with us!


At which point in the user journey is the implementation best suited, and why?

The great thing about this feature is that it doesn’t apply to just one part of the user journey. Instead, it can develop individualized journeys for different segments. For example, an unsure user can have a tailored journey that meets their specific needs.


An online retailer wants to implement the feature on their website. What advice would you give them before implementation?

I recommend organizing a small internal workshop on “segments” to gather additional specific segments beyond the general and onsite personas. It’s also advisable to analyze data from various internal tools to get a comprehensive overview of customers, their website behavior, and purchasing patterns. Alternatively, trbo can conduct this workshop.


What advantages and opportunities does this measure offer?

In my experience, we often lack a thorough understanding of our target groups. Analyzing them for the first time reveals significant untapped potential on the website. With trbo, we can harness that potential and create effective campaigns that benefit the store.


In which industries is this use particularly beneficial?

Static segments are beneficial for any industry and should be developed and used by every company.


Minea Hidic

Minea Hidic

Team Lead Client Success Management

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