trbo Insights – Favorite feature from frontend developer Elisa Nguyen


In our new blog series, we asked our trbo colleagues what their favorite feature in the trbo tool is. Our frontend developer Elisa thinks gamification is great and gives us some insights on how to use this feature in the most optimal way.

1. What trbo feature are you particularly fond of implementing?

I find any kind of gamification on websites exciting and just great! 

Gamification is a method to increase the user’s motivation and to persuade them to make a purchase with gaming elements. Therefore, you can make excellent use of gamification in your online store to make the shopping experience more appealing, to retain the customer in the long term and to increase sales. 

2. Can you describe the function of gamification in a more detailed way? Where can it be incorporated on a website and what opportunities does it give retailers?

Games, especially hidden object games, are particularly well suited for any occasion. Around Easter, for example, the hunt for Easter eggs is a good idea. With the use of trbo, this can be done very easily: With our start element the user is asked to find three Easter eggs on the website and place them in a basket. In this start element, the game is briefly explained, what is to be won and the user is explicitly invited to participate. In the progress module, in our case the Easter nest that has to be filled, the user can see his progress and how many eggs still have to be found. After placing the eggs in the basket, the user receives a coupon code as a reward, which they can then use to make purchases at a discount. The beauty of a search game is that you can integrate it anywhere on the website. 

For you as a store owner this offers many advantages: 


      • You get more traffic on the website. This works very well if you tease the search game via social media platforms or with a newsletter.

      • The user looks at the individual pages in more detail and gets interested in additional products.

      • The customer has fun with this entertainment and it is a special feature that other websites do not offer.

    Fig.: Start element for the Easter competition from


    3. Why exactly do you like this measure so much?

    You can run a search game at any time of the year. At Easter we look for Easter eggs, on Valentine’s Day we find hearts, during vacation time airplanes fly over the website and around Christmas we collect ornaments or presents. 

    4. An online retailer wants to add gamification to his website. What advice would you give him before implementing it?

    Before launching a search game campaign, evaluate the following:


        • Think carefully about which pages the game should take place on and where the launch element should be played out.

        • Should one Easter egg element appear per page view, or all elements at once?

        • What should the start and end elements look like visually, and how should the progress element look? Are images needed for this?

        • How often should the hidden object game be displayed to the user? Daily, hourly, only once and should there be a blacklisting?

      5. Is the option an all-time classic or do you think the impact has been underestimated so far?

      A search game, no matter what kind, is an all-time classic and can be used for other campaigns as well. In my opinion, the impact is unfortunately somewhat underestimated. Especially at Easter or Christmas, when people shop online more often, the impact and motivation are higher if you can offer appropriate coupons. The user then has to look more closely at the products on the website to find the search elements. Linking the product search with a game therefore makes the shopping experience particularly attractive.

      6. For which industries is it particularly worthwhile? Can you give us some results?

      So far, we have used search games in all industries and it has demonstrably always paid off. In the beauty sector as well as in the fashion industry, with tour operators or in the furniture industry. Every single game achieved significant results.

      Conclusion: Integrating a search game with engaging elements gets customers more involved into the shopping experience. This increases interest in the products and motivation to buy. Gamification therefore also helps to retain customers and encourage repeat purchases. So you should definitely use this opportunity for your store as well in order to stand out from competition.  

      Want to learn more about our trbo tool and its many use cases? We’ll be happy to show you how your webshop can benefit as well. Get a free demo appointment now!

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