Spotlight on personalization – our CEO Felix Schirl in the My Data is Better than Yours Podcast

For some time now, there has been an ongoing hype regarding podcasts. And we would never turn down the opportunity to give you an even deeper insight into the topic of (onsite) personalization! Therefore, we are very happy to share another exciting podcast with you today, one that trbo had the pleasure of being a part of.

Unfortunately, the podcast is only available in German, but perhaps there are a couple of bilingual speakers among you!


My Data is Better than Yours – the podcast by and with Jonas Rashedi

The podcast My Data is Better than Yours is all about data. And rightly so: it is the most important raw material in the digital world – and the cornerstone of an effective personalization strategy.

Jonas Rashedi is Director Data Intelligence & Technologies at Douglas as well as founder of Rashedi Consulting, an online marketing agency – and host of the Data Podcast. In his podcast, he regularly interviews leaders in the data world and talks with them about how they build their data strategy and implement data handling in companies. It’s all about data management, structures, organizations, and strategies – combined with a personal question or two.

Among others, he has already interviewed Marco Lohaus (Head of Business Intelligence at Flaschenpost), Marc Rendel (CTO at Pixum) and Fabian Bosler (CTO at Everdrop).


In-depth insights into the world of personalization with Felix Schirl

Providing the right recommendations at the right time for every user – the idea that brought trbo to life and for which we still dedicate all our efforts to today. However, in order to provide the user with a personalized customer experience, data must first be available.

The latest podcast episode is all about personalization. In the interview, Jonas interviews our CEO Felix Schirl about trbo’s strategy, how exactly personalized targeting can be done, and about successes and setbacks. Of course, there are also a few personal impressions regarding the life of our CEO!

Would you like to listen to the German podcast? Then you should definitely listen to the podcast  – you can find it on all podcast platforms:

Listen to My Data is Better than Yours on Spotify (german)

Listen to My Data is Better than Yours on Apple Music (german)


Or perhaps you’d prefer something more visual?

Watch My Data is Better than Yours on YouTube (German):


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