Two is better than one: Michael Hamela starts as a trainee in Client Success

Michael Hamela

After the start of our new Senior Product Manager Florian Kattner we are proud to present another addition to the trbo team. From now on Michael Hamela supports us as a trainee in Client Success. 


Currently, Michi is in his fifth semester of part-time studies in Management and Digitalization at the FOM in Munich.


“I decided to study here because it is a very interesting and modern study program that deals with the most important topics around digitalization. In addition, most of the professors are still actively working in their jobs, so they bring current industry knowledge and can provide a better reference for the students.” 


Before trbo, Michi was a working student at MVG in the operations control department. There, he took on smaller projects related to digitization, as well as created management templates and conducted various utility analyses. Since the direct customer service came too short, he would now like to gain experience in this area. He became aware of trbo through a friend and was enthusiastic about the tool from the very beginning. Michi decided that it was time for a change of scenery and is now completing the last semesters of his studies by working at trbo. 


Outside of work and study, you can find Michi on his bike or in the fitness studio. Since he is a very communicative and an open minded person, you will rarely find him alone. Most of the time he is doing something with his friends and enjoys the time in company.


“I love being around people and anyone who wants to learn more about me is welcome to join me for coffee and a chat.”


We are looking forward to having a coffee break or two with our new trainee and welcome you to the trbo’s, dear Michi! 


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