trbo takes off with another reinforcement – Florian Kattner starts as Senior Product Manager

If you thought two new employees would have been all for the start of the new season, you were wrong! We’ve put in the trbo again and still have a few surprises in store for you. Today we are happy to introduce Florian Kattner to you. Florian supports us from now on as Senior Product Manager. He is also not working from the Munich office, but is based in Fulda. 


It is especially important to Florian to combine technical aspects with creativity in his job. He first studied business informatics in Friedberg and then worked in the field of test data automation. There Florian had a whole range of different tasks. Whether programming, designing and planning software, sales pitches, speaking at events or creating content – Florian was involved in everything. But one thing always remained the same: the focus on the product. The colorful mix of engineering and marketing/sales made it possible for him to get to know both sides – the product development and its positioning as well as the strategic direction on the market. Now Florian has found his way to trbo, where he can ideally live out his passion for technology and creativity and contribute his previous professional experience. 


His free time is just as varied as his job. To be able to switch off from his varied daily work routine and to create new ideas, Florian likes to do sports. From time to time, he gets on his bicycle and heads out on bike tours, goes hiking, plays table tennis or squash, or works out at the gym. When Florian is not active in sports, he can be found with his family or friends. Together they go to the movies, concerts, travel or watch soccer. In general, Florian is a very sociable and open person with whom one can chat about anything.


“I can get excited about a lot of things, even if they seem pointless.” 

We are happy to have won another employee outside of Munich over for trbo and welcome you very warmly, dear Florian! 


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