Ideas for Valentine’s Day – Bringing the romance to your online shop 

The first month of the year is over, and we are heading for the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day. Everywhere you go, you see hearts, everything is glowing in pink and red tones – it’s all about love. We have put together a few tips on how you can make Valentine’s Day a special occasion for your customers by creating particularly lovely experiences.

Inspiration for the ultimate Valentine’s gift

Especially on Valentine’s Day, users are looking for a little something for their loved ones online. The decision is not always easy, though. After all, the gift should express their love. The assortment is enormous, and in all the day-to-day stress there is often little time to spend thinking about the right gift. Therefore, users are certainly happy about a little support shortly before Valentine’s Day. For example, by using a gift finder: Special items from the product range can be suggested, or the user can be guided through a questionnaire to find the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day. 


You don’t necessarily have to integrate a gift finder, though. Undecided users are also happy about inspirations, for example by means of a flag or overlay that points out special ideas for Valentine’s Day.

Inclusion of a GIF flag with a reference to personalized ampoules for Valentine’s Day at Babor

Rose-tinted glasses for your online shop

Online retail is in no way inferior to brick-and-mortar retail when it comes to decoration, either. While all pedestrian zones are decorated with pink hearts, the online shop can also shine in the colors of love. It’s especially romantic when hearts or roses suddenly rain across the screen and greet the user. 

You’d like to see Invisibobble’s raining hearts in action? Look at the video on YouTube!


If you want to exceed this, you can also hide hearts in the online shop and send users on a hunt. A discount voucher then beckons as a reward. Thus, the user actively engages with the assortment and gains a few additional ideas.

The latest items exclusively for your loved ones

In addition to providing the right flair and the necessary inspiration, the new Valentine’s Day assortment can also be promoted. The reference can then be placed directly on the homepage or as an element on product detail pages or on category pages. This also draws the attention of users who do not enter the shop via the home page. In addition, users are bound to be pleased when they find something very special that the partner has not yet seen. 

Create purchase incentives on Valentine’s Day with promotions and countdowns

Every user is happy about discounts, especially on special occasions like Valentine’s Day. Accordingly, promotions should always be clearly communicated. 


If you want to increase the purchase incentive even more, consider using a countdown. It conveys the feeling that there is not much time left. The pressure to buy is increased and the probability of a purchase rises. 


Last minute shoppers are also limited by time. They remember on February 13 that, yes, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. So what to do? A print-at-home voucher! Shops should also point out this possibility – especially on Valentine’s Day.

Integration of a reference to last minute vouchers at mydays


A very special day with a very special user experience

On Valentine’s Day, everything should be perfect – of course, with the right gift. But the shopping experience should also leave a lasting impression. If the experience is positive, users will certainly not only buy for this special day, but will be happy to come back. It pays off to give customers a helping hand and support them as much as possible in making their choice. Be it with a gift finder or with the latest recommendations from the product range. Discounts or special savings campaigns can be used to give users an additional treat. With gamification, you are sure to create a particularly pleasant shopping experience that will be remembered.


Would you like to offer your users an unforgettable customer experience for Valentine’s Day? Get in touch with us, we’ve got a couple more ideas! 


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