Human Resources expands

Photo Reham Bani Odeh

At trbo there is always something going on, we do not stand still here and therefore it is not surprising that the HR team is getting bigger. Reham Bani Odeh has been supporting the staff department headed by Head of HR Steve Hilbert as HR Manager since December. 


When Reham graduated from high school, she originally wanted to study. But she soon realized that she would rather gain practical experience in the working world. That’s why she decided to train as a personnel services clerk at Manpower. There, she looked after both employees and many international customers, was given responsibility right from the start and was able to gain experience, especially in the areas of labor law and sales. Manpower GmbH employed Reham as an HR consultant following her training. Her tasks included looking after major customers in the automotive sector, recruiting, HR admin, employee support, onboarding and offboarding. Finally, she went to Hubert Burda Media as HR Service Manager and acted there as HR Admin and in consulting across all locations. 

She now brings this broad knowledge of the HR spectrum and labor law to trbo.


Reham, by the way, is a true Münchner Kindl, although her roots lie in Palestine and Tunisia. In her free time, she enjoys playing handball in the club and is a real team player there as well. As a balance to her professional life, you can also find her armed with brushes and acrylic paints and all to herself. 


“This is a kind of “me time” for me, because I completely sink into painting and forget the time. But since I’m very self-critical about my painting skills, all except two of my paintings are hidden in the basement.”


By the way, Reham also told us a funny little story: When she was on the road with the car a long time ago, her power steering failed. But since she hasn’t found the time to repair it yet, she is now on the road in Munich without it. So if you’re out and about in the state capital and see a Munich girl cranking hard while parking, that’s Reham, who has been powerfully taking every curve and parking space old school style ever since.


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