How to increase the conversion rate by 11.39% with specified product recommendations

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Sanicare was founded in 1998 in the Lower Saxony spa town of Bad Laer in the district of Osnabrück. In addition to the two on-site branch pharmacies, the company also owns the mail-order pharmacy, which, in addition to shipping medicines and health products nationwide, also supplies care facilities and doctors’ offices on a daily basis. The product range includes medicines with and without prescription, health products such as nutritional supplements, quality certified organic products, cosmetics, medical supplies, special formulations and goods requiring refrigeration, such as vaccines.


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Sanicare Apotheke is one of Germany’s leading mail-order pharmacies and offers its online customers competent and fast order processing. 

Conversion rate increased by 11.39%

Read in our case study how Sanicare Apotheke shows product recommendations to specific niche target groups, which measures were used and how the testing was set up in advance. Find out how significant the results were and how Sanicare uses the resulting insights in other areas.

With trbo, you can implement a variety of other actions to increase the success of your website. For example, recommendations based on user interests can be displayed on category or product detail pages as well as in the shopping cart. 


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