A motley bag of surprises – This was DMEXCO 2022

DMEXCO 2022 will probably be given a special place in the ranking of all previous DMEXCOs. Because it was a bag of surprises right up to the end. 


Back in March 2022, we decided to participate with a big booth. After two years of the pandemic and thus purely digital major events, it was clear to us: we want to meet as many customers, prospects and old colleagues as possible again for a real coffee.

Bad news and uncertainty – We trbo’s nevertheless remain determined

The ink was hardly dry when some seemingly bad news reached us. Customers and partners told us that they would not be attending this year. They stated that it was impossible to calculate whether DMEXCO would be successful in 2022. Of course, this also left us wondering, but we stuck to our concept and proclaimed the motto: “Personalization feels like Home”. Even though not everyone wanted to come to the annual reunion, we were determined to offer those who would come a nice and cozy atmosphere.


Then in the summer came the turn of events. Partners asked us to plan a joint appearance, clients asked for appointments. So we did everything right?

The wait is finally over – Recap Day 1

The first day of DMEXCO was really exciting. Our booth was big and eye-catching and Hall 8 was packed with numerous other big-name exhibitors: from Deutsche Post DHL next door to Agency World. Our tool colleagues, on the other hand, all gathered in e-commerce Hall 6. But our location and especially our booth design brought us a lot of walk-in visitors. Contrary to our worries in spring, the first day went well already in the morning. Many conversations, hoarse voices and first signs of fatigue later, we opened our bar from 4:30 p.m. and all visitors of the day – many old and new faces – found their way to us to finish the first day of the expo. Already after half an hour the planned wine stock for the evening was used up and we had to reorder quickly. So the get-together was also a huge success!

The trbo colleagues spent the evening at different events – at the DMEXCO VIP party with Media Markt Saturn, at dinner with partners and clients and, of course, at the legendary OMR party at the Bootshaus with Olli P. Unfortunately, Sido cancelled due to illness, but even without the star guest the party mood boiled over and people partied into the night.

Despite the traces of the last night – Day 2 was also a full success

As is to be expected after a night of partying, the second day of DMEXCO was quieter. But that also made it possible for us to stroll through the halls. What a mixture of emotions that was! Many of the exhibitors we knew from previous years were not on site. Some large agencies, but also technology providers were only there with small booths. Whereas in the years before the pandemic with the overbidding competition for the biggest and nicest booth, one often felt amazement written all over one’s face, this year there was almost a sense of disappointment. The uncertainty regarding participation had been clearly reflected in the stand planning.


And yet: DMEXCO, as it took place this year, was wonderful! Even if it felt like there were significantly fewer people wandering through the halls, the quality was all the better! 2019 with record attendance, high exhibitor density and internationality has also led to a drop in quality from our point of view. Half of the walk-ins at our Tiki booth at the time wanted to sell us something – but for that we are not at the fair with a booth ourselves. This year the exact opposite! There were many exciting brands on site who had a coffee with us even without making an appointment and talked for a long time with our colleagues about the new products and the possibilities of personalization.

This is our conclusion on DMEXCO 2022

Dominik Matyka and his team have put on a great trade show despite all the uncertainty. We believed in it and were all the more pleased that we were rewarded for our courage. We were very happy to see clients and prospects, partners and old colleagues again and enjoyed the direct exchange very much. With DMEXCO 2022, this year’s trade show season now ends for us, but next year we will definitely be back at the industry’s big events! 


Even though the trade shows are over for this year, we will still be present at various events until the end of the year. Among others with a speaking at the OMT in Mainz on 07 October at 11:00 am. We are looking forward to the exchange, to new contacts and next year again to the big get-together at the legendary annual reunion at the DMEXCO! 


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