Have you read our white paper on onsite personalization?

Web competition is constantly on the rise and customers are demanding more. Shop operators are increasingly struggling to attract and retain new customers.

So how do I, as an online retailer, manage to successfully adapt my shop to the users and optimize my purchase rate?


The answer to this question is subject of our white paper “Onsite personalization: 10 tips for online merchants“.

In order to stand out from the flood of providers and offers, the users on the website must be addressed individually and purposefully. This is the only way to convince them to stay in the online shop and not to leave it immediately in order to search for further offers.

Today’s customers expect relevant offers that are precisely tailored to their needs. Accordingly, consistent segmentation and personalization are mandatory when addressing target groups. Customer needs must be forecasted in real time and the appropriate content must be displayed at the right time and in the right place. That is the only way for shop operators to exceed the expectations of their (potential) customers.

With onsite personalization, the website becomes a personal shopping consultant – and sales increase. We show how it works. Whether with gamification, product recommendations, or individual approach, there are numerous quick and easy ways to increase customer loyalty and minimize shopping cart abandonment. Even the smallest changes can lead to success.

In our whitepaper, we present ten ways you can use onsite personalization to make more of the traffic to your website.


So if you’re as interested in this topic as we are, take a look at our new whitepaper! Just click here to download it for free!

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