Up to 1050% increase in CTR by leveraging influencer campaigns: Our new case study with ECCO

ECCO Case Study influencer campaigns trbo


Constant innovation in both products and marketing is one of the pillars of our customer ECCO’s strategy. To increase brand awareness and introduce more trendy styles to new and future female customers, ECCO works with social media influencers. To promote the fall/winter collection, ECCO collaborated with fashion and lifestyle influencers in many countries.


In order to derive the biggest impact from the influencer collaboration, overlays with the influencers’ faces and products were implemented on the website. A test with trbo was set up to evaluate which variant of overlay would perform better with users.


Up to 1050% increase in CTR through influencer overlays


ECCO designed two variants of overlays addressing users with the influencer’s face and products. These were set up to be shown only in the Women’s categories, as all influencers largely appealed to women. In order to be able to evaluate the results depending on the different markets and devices, ECCO set up individual overlay-campaigns in the country shops as well as individual overlays for desktop and mobile devices with trbo.


A multivariant test was set up to determine which version would perform better with users in terms of Click through Rate (CTR) and also conversion rate. The results were breathtaking: Compared to ECCO’s average CTR, variant 1 of the overlay saw a CTR-increase ranging from 147,47% to 1.050%


For more results and a detailed description of the test setup, have a look at our brand new case study with ECCO!



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