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Multi-armed Bandit Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Multi-Armed Bandit Testing
In this blog post we want to present you a very young but effective test type: multi-armed bandit testing....
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Multivariant Test
The ABC of Testing: Everything You Need to Know About Multivariant Testing
In today's episode of our blog series you'll learn everything about multivariant testing.
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Favorite Feature
trbo Insights – Susanne Horvat's Favorite Feature
Learn more about Susanne's favorite trbo feature and where product recommendation insertions can be included...
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Favorite Feature
trbo Insights – Giovanna Tramontano's Favorite Feature
Learn more about Giovanna Tramontano’s favorite trbo feature multivariant tests and why it should be...
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Our checklist for the perfect testing set-up
The buzzword ‘Data Driven’ is on everyone’s lips. However, numerous decisions regarding the optimization...
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New whitepaper with Location Insider and Foodist: Testing in eCommerce
Despite the summer heat, we haven’t been resting but have been busy working on new content for...
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Case Study: Vibrating hamburger menu boosts schlager.de's CTR by 75%
  With up to 6.2 million visitors and 18 million page impressions per month, schlager.de is Germany’s...
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ECCO Case Study influencer campaigns trbo
Up to 1050% increase in CTR by leveraging influencer campaigns: Our new case study with ECCO
  Constant innovation in both products and marketing is one of the pillars of our customer ECCO’s...
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The five most common mistakes in testing
A/B and multivariant tests are important tools to evaluate the performance of campaigns on the website....
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Fresh off the press: Our new whitepaper on A/B and multivariant testing
  We have devoted ourselves to another topic from our daily work: testing. The result: an exciting...
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