Fresh off the press: Our new whitepaper on A/B and multivariant testing


We have devoted ourselves to another topic from our daily work: testing. The result: an exciting new whitepaper in which we take an in-depth look at A/B and multivariant testing.

Whitepaper: Using A/B and multivariant tests for onsite optimization

Would you like to learn more about testing? If so, our new whitepaper is the perfect choice for you!


We all have one goal in mind: Webshops and websites that exactly match the interests and needs of their users. But how do you achieve this goal? By constantly personalizing and optimizing the webshop and website. However, there is often a couninouing problem: decisions are simply made based on gut feelings.


So how can you find out whether personalization and optimization efforts are really being well received by users, or whether they need to be revised? That’s where testing comes in!

Valid results instead of gut feeling – using testing for an successful online shop

With A/B and multivariant testing, you can evaluate campaigns to improve the customer experience in a statistically valid way. Thus, you are able to show  your customers precisely the content and offers they are interested in and that meet their needs. The shop is improved iteratively and you increase important KPIs with the perfect content and offers.


Our whitepaper shows how A/B and multivariant testing works, what the pitfalls are, and what you need to keep in mind during setup. On top of that, you’ll get a lot of inspiration based on examples of tests we ran with our customers. After reading the whitepaper you will be well prepared to start testing successfully!


Download our free whitepaper on A/B and multivariant testing now


Effective testing with trbo

With trbo, we offer you a wide range of options for evaluating the success of your campaigns. Of course, A/B and multivariant tests as well as comprehensive reporting are part of our platform. Would you like to learn more? Then contact us and we will demonstrate how to successfully use testing!


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