Time for Product Insights: Security at trbo


A new addition to our “Time for Product Insights” blog series! Last time we introduced you to the trbo onsite setup. Today we’ll continue with a topic that we all (have to) deal with on a daily basis: security.


You’d like to know how we ensure a secure use of trbo? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

Two factor authentication and secure passwords – better safe than sorry

At trbo, we attach great importance to the secure use of our onsite personalization platform.


For this reason, we have opted for two factor authentication when logging into our tool. This involves proving a user’s identity with two different components. To do so, customers first create an account with a username and password (first factor). When logging in, they will receive an email with a unique login code after entering their username and password. This code is required as an additional step in the login process (second factor). Two factor authentication ensures that the user is not an imposter trying to gain access to the account.


Furthermore, we inform our customers how secure their password is when choosing it. We point out how characters, numbers or letters must be used – meaning that using 1234 as a password should be history by now at the latest.    This ensures that the customer chooses a secure password. There is also a bar that changes color from red (not secure) to green (secure) to see how secure your password is. 


Next time we’ll introduce you to another feature that can be used behind the protected gates of the trbo onsite personalization platform. Do not miss out on the next part of our blog series!


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