The rise of Zero-Party Data – our new whitepaper

Google announced it would phase out third-party cookies in late 2024. Companies that have relied primarily on third-party cookies to gain customer insights and execute campaigns now face a significant data loss.

With the end of third-party cookies in sight, zero-party data is moving into the spotlight of online marketing. Zero-party data is information that customers intentionally and proactively share with your company, making it a valuable resource for personalizing your customers’ buying experience. Since it comes directly from the customer, zero-party data provides deep and accurate insights into your target audience, their buying behavior, and preferences. It’s more reliable and provides better customer insights than third-party data, giving you a competitive advantage. 

Cookieless into the future

Zero-party data is essential for a personalized customer experience. In fact, new requirements and technical developments make it legally necessary to think about a zero-party data strategy that works for your company. Consequently, your strategy should focus on how to best collect and use zero-party data. However, many companies are unsure of how to obtain this data in the first place. To convince customers to give up their data, you need to offer them value in return.

Zero-party data: The optimal path to personalized experiences

Discover 12 ways to obtain zero-party data in your webshop in compliance with data protection regulations in our new whitepaper! 

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Do you have questions about our whitepaper or already have ideas on how you would like to implement zero-party data on your website? Get in touch with us! We’ll show you how your website can benefit from a zero-party data strategy for onsite personalization and optimization!

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