Summer break at trbo? No way – Izabela Horodenska starts as Junior Frontend Developer

Despite the glowing heat, we’re not slacking off. On the contrary: Even in the hottest summer months, more and more trbos are finding their way to us, including Izabela. As of now, she supports us actively as a Junior Frontend Developer. 


Eight years ago Izabela came from Poland to the capital of Bavaria. After her time at school, Izabela began studying computer science in 2019. During her time at the university, she completed a six-month internship where she learned everything about JavaScript. She also worked as a student trainee at Munich Ergo Assetmanagement GmbH. There she supported not only the IT administration, she also took care of the ServiceNow platform. Izabela also distributed all authorizations to various systems. By this March, she successfully completed her studies and is now starting a new chapter in her life as a Junior Frontend Developer at trbo. She can now apply and expand her studies and experiences she has already gained here. 


Outside the office Izabela is always on her buzz. She loves to travel and discover new countries and cultures. Of course, her husband is on board as well. But if the two don’t have time to get on a plane, they’re not going to be lazy. In the winter, Izabela can be found on the ski slopes, and in the summer, climbing mountains. She loves cycling and exploring new cycling routes. She has also recently discovered playing tennis. Izabela is practicing hard and will soon be able to practice on all the tennis courts in Munich and around the world. 


We are happy to offer Izabela after her studies the possibility to gain more professional experience and to grow more and more. Nice that you are now on board, dear Izabela! 


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