For the kids: Social Day at a local daycare center

Our trbo team is committed to providing our clients with the best customer service possible — but it doesn’t stop there. We also believe in community service! We’ve taken on several different social projects over the years, including a day helping out at the Munich animal shelter, baking Christmas cookies for senior citizens and collecting supplies for Ukrainian refugees. This past April, we spent our latest Social Day helping out at a local daycare center.

Seven of our colleagues headed out to Hasenbergl, a neighborhood in Munich, at the end of April to spend the day getting much-needed chores done at the KITZ center. Mrs. Seitz, the daycare manager, showed our team around and explained what projects she wanted our team to tackle: repainting two rooms as well as some gardening and cleaning in the outdoor playground area. 

Our company name is trbo for a reason: we’re fast! Our team of seven got to work and finished most of the painting by midday. After a hearty lunch, the afternoon was spent outdoors raking up and clearing old leaves and sticks, cleaning the playground equipment with a power washer and installing a privacy divider between the playground and neighboring public park.  

As a technology provider, we don’t usually get to work a lot with our hands, so it was satisfying to see the results of our efforts at the end of the day: a playground ready for kids and group rooms with clean, bright walls. Mrs. Seitz was very grateful for our help, as she and her colleagues don’t often have enough time for those kinds of chores. We left the daycare center with chocolate as a thank-you gift — a sweet ending!             

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