Personalization for publishers – our whitepaper with facts & insights

There are numerous other industries besides eCommerce that benefit from a personalized website. Among others: The publishing industry, as their users also have high expectations. They, too, want to find relevant content at first glance and be addressed individually. Onsite personalization is therefore also an essential part of a successful digital strategy for publishers.


How do publishers implement personalization? Find out in our brand-new whitepaper!

eCommerce leads the way – what publishers can learn from it


At first glance, the differences between publishers and eCommerce seem huge, and success is measured differently. For publishers, it is primarily important to increase user dwell time and click-through rates, whereas in eCommerce, shopping cart value and conversion rate are more relevant. 


Nevertheless, publishers can resort to some methods of personalization that are already established in eCommerce. With the right content, the publisher’s website becomes more relevant to users, who are thus more likely to continue reading and, ideally, to subscribe. 

Download our whitepaper Personalization for Publishers now and start addressing your users individually!


In this whitepaper, we use different examples to show how personalization for publisher sites can lead to success. Be it in terms of individual user targeting and optimization of the browsing and reading experience or additional topics that need to be taken into account.


Download our free whitepaper Personalization Publisher now


Do you have questions about our whitepaper – or do you already have some ideas and wishes for the implementation of personalization on your publishing website? Then get in touch with us! We’ll show you how your website can benefit from onsite personalization and optimization!


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