trbo keeps growing – Michael Ruff starts as Senior Account Executive DACH

Spring brings more growth to trbo! Not long after Gail Wilcoxen started in Marketing, there is another new trbo team member to introduce: Michael Ruff will support us as Senior Account Executive DACH.

Michael worked at FACT-Finder for almost eight years after graduating with a degree in business informatics. During his time there, he initially worked as an account manager and was promoted to key account manager after a few years. Needing a change and more responsibility, Michael later joined epoq. Michael worked at epoq for five years as Head of Sales. Now his path has led him to us as our new Senior Account Executive for the DACH region.

Michael is a very active person and doesn’t  like to let the grass grow under his feet. He is a passionate long-distance swimmer and easily manages 20 kilometers in the water. But he also likes to cover long distances on land — he’s currently preparing to run his first marathon. Michael likes to stay busy. Whenever he finds the time, he enjoys renovating his house and being with his family. In general, Michael is a very open minded and funny person who is always up for shenanigans. We had to smile a little about his motto: Work hard and party hard.

“At 42, I’m a little quieter than I used to be, but I still love going out,” reports our new Senior Account Executive with a big grin on his face. 

With Michael at your side, you’re always on your toes and you never get bored. We’re already looking forward to our next internal event, when we will experience Michael fully in his element!

Welcome aboard, Michael! 

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