Marketing tricks for more sales: Encourage customer to purchase

Marketing Tricks for more Sales: encourage customers to purchase

Did Part one of our blog series spark new ideas for your marketing strategy? Well, brace yourself for another wave of inspiration in the second part, where we’ll demonstrate how you can use the human psyche to inspire customers to buy.

Time’s running out – using countdowns to increase buying pressure

A scenario we’re all familiar with: You’ve been toying with the idea of purchasing a new piece of clothing for some time, but the price tag and your actual need have held you back? 

With the arrival of the new season – your favorite item is now on sale. However you’re still facing a dilemma, particularly given that your closet is already quite full. 

A large number of customers encounter similar situations daily – Yet, online retailers often miss the chance to take advantage of their users’ uncertainty to boost sales. If you aim to increase sales during promotions or with other offers, you can employ countdowns. This approach triggers a natural behavior in your customers: the fear of missing out (FOMO). 

In psychology, losses carry more weight than gains. This means that, for a customer, the probability of not being able to purchase the item at a lower price soon becomes a more significant concern. The impulse of spending money on something the user doesn’t really need fades into the background and the item ends up in the shopping cart. 

If you want to ensure the purchase of the item in the shopping cart, you can employ another effective approach/tactic: Limited availability – with a notification showing that only a limited number of items are still available. This calls for a sense of urgency, prompting a quick decision and resulting in an impulse purchase. 

When using one of these marketing techniques, it is crucial to use accurate figures. In Germany, it’s illegal to push users into making swift purchases by presenting misleading information.

Bundling – Revive your business out of season

It ‘s not always the promotion that motivates users to buy. Offers such as “Buy one, get one free” also bring a refreshing appeal for your users, particularly when they’re accessible beyond specific seasonal periods. In marketing, this is known as bundling. The main idea here is to offer various items or services at a bundled price, which is generally more affordable than the sum of the individual products. 

It’s intriguing how customers are willingly to opt for the product bundles, even when they may not necessarily need all the items included. However, twicking the wording and the message of the offer, plays a decisive role here – rooted in psychological principles. When individuals face a decision-making challenge involving multiple choices, the “isolation effect” often comes into play. Similar information tends to fade into the background, as the human brain finds it difficult to process too many facts at once leading to cognitive overwhelm. Yet, there are some specific phrases that greatly appeal to customers. Words like “free” and the display of red numbers tend to stand out and capture attention. An offer that was originally priced at 100 euros and is now reduced to 90 euros is often chosen more frequently than an item initially priced at 90 euros – the perceived savings make the item more appealing.

Has this marketing strategy caught your interest? Then dive even deeper into the subject by reading our article on bundling!

Cross-Selling – Win-win for you and your customers

Another effective way to initiate impulse purchases is through cross-selling – by simply recommending matching accessories based on the selected items of your customers. For example, if a customer adds a pair of jeans to their shopping cart, they may also need a matching belt. This technique can be applied to a wide range of products and industries. You’re not limited to suggesting just one product – but you can also showcase a variety of cross-selling items to your users. If you already have insights into the user’s preferences, it’s valuable to utilize that knowledge and present accessories that align with their interests. 

Even with unknown users, you may not have information about their specific needs, but you can still ensure that the additional product matches the main item they are viewing. For instance; It’s important not to propose a phone case for an Android smartphone if there’s an Apple iPhone in the shopping cart – that wouldn’t make sense!

Cross-selling can truly benefit your customers. It saves them time and energy searching extensively through your product range. Additionally, it conveys a sense of understanding, leaving them with a positive impression of your online store. A real win-win situation!

Customize your online store and make the race

Once again, understanding the human psyche is essential in planning your marketing campaigns. The great news is that strategies like cross-selling, bundling, benefit not only your business, but also your customers! Are you overflowing with ideas on how to implement these strategies in your store? Then let us assist you by scheduling a no-obligation demo or reach out to your Client Success Manager.

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