Black Friday – Prepare now and get the maximum benefit

Prepare your Webshop for Black Friday

Just one month to go until the biggest discount battle of the year begins: on November 24, it’s that time again! So, it’s time to get your online shop ready for the biggest sales day of the year. Are you still looking for ideas for your online shop? We have collected a few tips to help you prepare.


Tip 1: Adapt look & feel to Black Friday

Soon, you will find numerous shops in e-commerce adapting to Black Friday with black interfaces. Of course, this is not a must and it is sufficient if you only adapt small details in terms of color to the event. This is also a great way to get your customers into Black Friday mood. How about a black logo, for example, or a single black landing page where all the offers can be found? The possibilities are endless. With the right look and feel, your users will get even more into the shopping fever and feel right at home in your online shop for their discount hunt.


Tip 2: The classic: discount codes

The classic par excellence is, of course, discounts. Again, there are many different ways to present them to your customers. It doesn’t matter whether you display discount codes as an overlay, a banner or an in-page element. The only important thing is that your customers don’t miss them and continue their shopping in a different store.. The most eye-catching color is bright red, for example. This color is also automatically associated with lower prices. Most of the time, however, it is sufficient to make them clearly visible. You can determine what works best with your customers using A/B or multivariant tests to have the optimal Black Friday campaign ready for next year.


Tip 3: Newsletter sign-ups: Win-win for you and your customers

When customers provide their data, it is important for them to receive something in return. Black Friday is therefore the perfect opportunity for you to convince customers to sign up for your newsletter. For example, offer them earlier access to your Black Friday deals in return. With an additional coupon for their next purchase, they’ll be hooked and willing to give you their details. Now you can keep them updated with your latest offers and encourage them to buy regularly.


Tip 4: Sweepstakes: Awaken the inner child 

Everyone knows it: contests make you feel happy, and it’s hard to resist participating. You can bring out the inner child of every user on Black Friday and attract even more users to your website. Simply spread the word about the promotion on social media. But that’s not all! Through the competition, you can collect valuable customer data and also engage with the participants afterward and encourage them to make a purchase. For example, with a thank-you email for participating and a small discount for the next purchase as a consolation prize.


Black Friday – More potential than just generating sales 

The primary goal of most online retailers on Black Friday is to generate as much revenue as possible. This is completely legitimate, but it does not exploit the full potential of the most popular day of the year. As you can see, you can also use Black Friday to collect valuable customer data and motivate users to shop with you even after that one day. In this way, you bind them to your company in the long term and can also make more sales outside of a specific season.


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