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Customer Journey Travel
The Everyday Impact of Customer Experience: Travel Industry
Discover how the travel industry can improve consumers' daily lives by seamlessly integrating technology...
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E-Mail Personalization and Optimization
Email Personalization and Optimization – The Power of Personalized Email Journeys
Discover the power of email personalization and learn when, where, and how to implement it for maximum...
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125 different promo combinations and more
Did you know that there are at least 125 different promo combinations to engage customers? Discover how...
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The Everyday Impact of Customer Experience: Cosmetics and Beauty
Discover how the cosmetics and beauty industry can improve consumers' daily lives.
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Marketing tricks for more Sales: Eye-Tracking & Heatmap
Marketing tricks for more sales: Eye-Tracking & Heatmap
Need some tips regarding the design of your website? Learn more about Eye-Tracking & Heatmaps.
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Prepare your Webshop for Black Friday
Black Friday – Prepare now and get the maximum benefit
Just one month to go until Black Friday! It's time to prepare your Onlineshop!
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Customer Experience Impcact in Electronic Industry
The Everyday Impact of Customer Experience: Electronics
Explore through the eyes of a customer how guided selling features can make the difference.
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Prime Day Power: 5 Tips to personalize your shop like Amazon
Do you know how to improve the personalization on your website? Let's see how Amazon does it!
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Personalisierter Online Supermarkt
Why retailers in the online food industry should focus on personalization
In e-food retail, personalization is not only wishful thinking. Here are some tips on making your own...
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6 Tips for Website Optimization
Strategic Account Manager Manuel Gruhn from trbo gives 6 tips on how to use data analysis to optimize...
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GenZ Personalization in Online Shops
Between Sustainability and Consumption – How Online Shops Reach Generation Z
We give Online Shops 3 tips on what is important when addressing Generation Z and how you convert them...
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Minea Hidic trbo Sabbatical
A Traveling trbo Employee: Minea Hidic's Sabbatical
Minea Hidic is one of the first to take advantage of the opportunity to do a sabbatical. Now she's back...
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