Introducing our new whitepaper: Personalization in B2B

Onsite personalization is one of the most important topics in B2C eCommerce. The customer is king – and should always receive the best and perfectly tailored user experience. Marketers agree on that. But does this also apply to B2B shops? The quick answer: Yes, it does.


More and more companies are investing in improving their online shops. The challenge for B2B companies too is to secure an advantage over the competition. This can be achieved by using onsite personalization.

Onsite personalization: Responding to users’ habits


Nowadays, customers expect a shopping experience that is personally tailored to their needs. 95 percent of users want an online retailer to know their interests and passions and address them accordingly.


Why should things be any different in B2B? The personal sales representative is still an important contact person for buyers in B2B. But 75% of B2B shopping decision-makers already prefer buying their products online. Therefore, they should also be provided with the personalized shopping experience that they are used to from their private purchases. Simplicity, speed and personalization are therefore the key services that B2B online shops should be focusing on. In the end, this will pay off: According to a survey of B2B decision-makers, almost 70% consider the influence of personalization on the conversion rate to be high or very high.

How can successful B2B personalization be achieved?


In our new whitepaper, we have collected various examples and strategies that B2B shops can use to personalize and optimize the shopping experience for their users. Of course, we also included examples from our B2B customers. This way, you can directly get an idea of how the various actions can be implemented. Thus, you too successfully personalize and optimize your B2B shop and increase customer satisfaction.


Click here to download our free whitepaper on B2B personalization


Do you have any questions regarding our whitepaper or would you like to get started with the personalization of your B2B shop? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to show how your B2B shop can also benefit from using our onsite personalization platform in a free and personalized demo.


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