How our customers significantly improve important KPIs

Every day we implement exciting measures in collaboration with our customers to improve the surfing and shopping experience on their websites. People often ask themselves how effective these measures really are – we can prove this using A/B and multivariate tests. There are many exciting ways to increase important KPIs, some of which we would like to share with you today. So feel free to be inspired!

Insight for the food industry: Increase the conversion rate by up to 31%


Recommendations are a popular and useful tool for shop operators in order to boost sales and conversion rates. Together with our customer Getnow, we have tested whether the conversion rate can be increased further by displaying recommendations in the shopping cart.


Spoiler alert: Yes, it can – significantly! For this test, an element with additional product recommendations was displayed on the overview page in the shopping basket. If a user of the test group liked one of the recommended products, they could add the product directly to their shopping cart. The result: both the conversion rate and the user value were increased significantly. Mobile exceeded all expectations: The conversion rate increased by 31 percent and the user value by 30 percent.


Would you like to know more about how exactly the test was implemented and what other results were achieved? Then download our brand new case study with Getnow!




Travel optimization: Increase sales per visitor by 15.7%


We have implemented another exciting case with our customer sonnenklar.TV. In this case study the effectiveness of exit intent vouchers was evaluated. Every shop operator is aware of the problem: users move around the website, add products to the shopping cart (or fill out the booking form in the case of travel providers) and then suddenly cancel the purchase or booking.


This is the point where we need to intervene. Sonnenklar.TV has implemented this kind of campaign. In the test, users who threatened to cancel a booking were offered a voucher using an exit intent overlay. The value of the voucher was linked to the booking value. This could be applied directly to the booking. The result: Vouchers as an incentive are useful to convince users of the booking after all. Sales per visitor increased by 15.7 percent and the conversion rate by 11.4 percent.


You can read more about the results and the exact test setup in our case study with sonnenklar.TV!




Bike business and sports equipment: reducing the bounce rate by 9.5


Google Shopping Ads usually have very high bounce rates, because if the user doesn’t like the product he originally searched for after clicking on the ad or if it is not available in the right size, he quickly returns to the Google search and the expensive traffic is lost for the shop.


With the help of a smart website entry you can counteract this. Together with our customer Rose Bikes we have tested such a smart entry on product detail pages. Users who accessed a product detail page via Google Shopping ads were shown a special overlay. This showed the product and all information about it in the foreground. In the background, the category page was loaded in an obscured state. This meant that the user could primarily focus on the product – but if it didn’t fit his or her needs, he or she could simply close the overlay and go to the category page to look for alternatives. The result: the bounce rate among Google Shopping ad visitors was reduced by 9.5 percent.


For more information on how this intelligent website entry works, have a look at our case study with Rose Bikes.




Further exciting optimization possibilities


Of course, the three case studies mentioned above are only a selection of the cases that we have implemented with our customers. You can find more case studies and whitepapers to inspire you on our resources page:


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