Have you already read our whitepaper on data strategy and personalization?


We are adding another exciting whitepaper to our ressources for you! It’s all about data – a topic that certainly affects us all significantly.

Whitepaper data strategy and personalization


Would you like to learn more about data usage and data enrichment? Then you shouldn’t miss out on our new whitepaper!


If you think you don’t have enough data to target users, you are not alone. More than 90 percent of german retailers believe that their existing customer data is incomplete. 80% of B2B companies struggle to manage the volume, variety and velocity of their data. Likewise, 8 out of 10 find it at least moderately challenging to develop insights that are actionable and to take actions quickly from data and insights.

But we’ll show you that this is not necessarily the case in our white paper on data strategy.

A treasure trove of data for more customer centricity


All marketers share a common goal: Providing a perfect experience online – after all, that’s what users increasingly want. And how do you do that? With data!


Companies have a great amount of data at their disposal – they just have to use it wisely. Our whitepaper shows you ways to succeed, including some exciting examples from our customers:


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Customer Data Enrichment – Success with holistic data


Breaking down data silos as well as smart data enrichment and data use are part of our daily business. trbo works with open interfaces to a wide range of integration partners – this allows a 360-degree view of your customers and even deeper personalization. How exactly does this work and what are the different possibilities for data enrichment?


Have a look at our overview page on Customer Data Enrichment or contact us directly and we’ll show you how you too can use customer data even more wisely.


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