Happy National Underwear Day!

Why do we care? Because we believe that even the things you normally don’t see deserve to be at the center of attention for a change. Today however, we will look at this day from a different perspektiv. We want to give you some insights on how a webshop that primarily sells underwear can optimally present the perhaps most beautiful pieces of clothing online.

What are you wearing underneath today?


For a lot of men out there it is hard to understand, but women think a lot about what to wear everyday – and that also refers to their underwear. Obviously, colors matter – wearing a pink bra underneath a white T-shirt takes a lot of courage. Accordingly, women have a wide range of colors in their closet. But also the shape and material of the bra is a decision women have to make everyday. The wide selection of underwear at home is often mirrored in the online shop. So if a user is looking at a pair of black panties on a detail page, why not show other suitable alternatives? With appropriate recommendations, the user can choose from a large amount of options and will certainly find the right one.


Anzeige alternativer Produkte bei Galeria
Display of alternative products on a product detail page (Galeria)


What’s my size?


This question often refers to the size of the bra. There are probably very few pieces of clothing that vary in shape and size as much as this specific piece of clothing. Cup size and shape, strap width and the underbust measurement are all aspects that need to be taken into account when buying a fitting bra. But how can all this be displayed online? Trying on a bra is only possible at home. What your shop needs is a type of “advisor tool”. Initial questions such as “non-wired bra or an underwired bra”, “lace, cotton or silk”, “cup size”, etc. help the user choose the right product. If the customer is only shown relevant products after making his selection in the advisory tool, he will not get lost in the ‘jungle of lingerie’ and there will certainly be an item or two that end up in his shopping cart. But of course, returns can not be excluded as every bra fits differently. However, the more information about a product is available, the less likely it is that the product will be returned.


erlich größentabelle
Display of a link to the size chart (erlich textil)


Einblendung Größenauswahl
Display of the size selection directly on the overview page (erlich textil)


The little bit extra


Once a product is added to the shopping cart, the user is certainly willing to add another matching item with the right offer. Special offers such as “buy 2 get 1 free” are often available at your local lingerie shop. So why not also show this offer online? As soon as the user has added a product to his shopping cart, the offer has to be displayed prominently. This increases the chance of further increasing the shopping cart value and boosting sales. Often, however, this kind of promotion is only displayed on the homepage. As a result, users who have entered the site via a product detail page or have overlooked the offer on the homepage miss out on this incredible offer and perhaps even limit themselves to the most necessary purchases.

Beautiful things want to be seen


Victoria’s Secret had an enchanting appearance with its angels for a long time. But not only the supposedly perfect angels can wear beautiful lingerie. Many online shops already have a lot of photographic material available from their own shoots. If your online shop also sells a matching scarf, slippers or a robe in addition to your lingerie, you can use those beautiful images to inspire users and encourage them to buy the entire outfit. Adding the option that the user can add the item to their shopping cart in the right size with just one click certainly has its perks as well. Thanks to Instagram and similar platforms, visual inspiration has become a major focus of attention in the past few years, so it’s important to make the most of what your online shop has to offer.


Inspirationsseite bei Schiesser
Inspiration page for outfits (Schiesser)


All things considered, it becomes clear that even if mostly hidden, lingerie gets a lot of attention. And so should the visitors to the website. With filled shopping carts, beautiful inspirations and happy owners, everyone wins in the end: The shop operator, the buyer …and maybe even another beneficiary or two. On this note: National Underwear Day!


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